PA Radio – Episode 233: Dr. Stu McGill


The Gift of Injury

How did Dr Stu McGill take top ranked powerlifter, Brian Carroll, from his devastating back injury in 2012 to full recovery and numerous national first place finishes? The formula: Compile your list of prerequisites for the sport, determine what you can do, and then calculate the difference. It’s as simple as putting pen to paper and yet the noise of the hacks and gimmicks make choosing the best tools possible difficult for the layman.

However, the body is often far less complicated that an athlete’s psyche particularly when that psyche is corrupted by tremendous pain. Learn how Dr McGill treats the pain by repairing the system’s mechanics AND allowing the athlete to build on pain-free ranges of motion. As Doc says, pain doesn’t reveal what you should do, but a proper assessment will. Yeah. The man is the Master Yoda of recovery.


If this episode didn’t get you pumped on learning more about how pain effects training, recovery, and mental state, nothing will. Be sure and find Stu’s book Gift of Injury on You can also find Stu on Facebook and IG by doing a quick search of the same.

Power Athlete Radio - Episode 233

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  1. Great episode. I hope this isn’t a stupid question but, on the part where you guys are talking about stretching hamstrings, how do we know if we should or shouldn’t? As well as other things like that, do and do not’s?

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