-Team Configuration-
Each team of  4 must contain at least one male and one female.  Beyond that, any combination is acceptable.
-Scoring and Weigh-Ins-

Every athlete and team will be weighed in at registration.  The collective CFFB team total will be based on the team's total bodyweight

Power Clean
- The Power Clean must be pulled from the floor and the bar must travel continuously to the shoulder.  You can not deadlift to hang, and then do a hang power clean.  The bar must be caught at the shoulder with the hips at or above parallel.  The competitor must then stand up in a controlled manner, and the lifter must maintain control of the bar until the judge deems it a rep / no rep.  
Back Squat - The bar must be racked on the back, and walked off the squat rack.  You must lower the bar until your hips go below parallel, and then stand the weight up extending the hips fully while maintaining control of the weight.
Bench Press - The lifter must establish control of the bar off of the rack at full arms length, lower the weight and touch the bar to the chest, and fully extend elbows back to a locked out position.  During extension the hips must stay engaged on the bench.  If the hips / buttocks raise off the bench the judge will deem the attempt a "no rep."
Deadlift - The lifter must pull the weight from the ground and reach full knee and hip extension.  We will only be allowing traditional deadlift.  No sumo deadlifts.  "Hitching" or resting the bar on your thighs will result in a "no lift."
Spotters will be available.  However, if a spotter touches the bar, weights, or assists the lifter at any time during a lift it will be counted as a "no rep."
-Metcon Guidelines-
The metcons will compliment the corresponding strength lifts in terms of movement pattern.  The same individual performing the squat portion of the CFFB Total, for instance, must do the associated metcon.  Competitors can expect any or all of the following components as part of the metcon:
-Violent hip extension
-Change of Direction
-Full body movements
-Additional Rules-
  1. Lifters may only use supportive equipment consisting of a belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves.  Squat suits, briefs, bench shirts, and deadlift suits or any other supportive equipment are NOT allowed.
  2. If a competitor cannot fully extend their arm or has any other disability that may hinder their performance, they must notify the judges before the beginning of the meet so that a ruling over the disability can be made.
  3. If two lifters in the same class tie, the lighter lifter automatically wins.