Want to Host?

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Power Athlete Team Series Event.  In order to maintain the integrity of each event, we require that hosts meet our minimum equipment and logistic requirements:

Minimum Requirements
100 Competitor maximum, 80 competitor minimum

- 5000 square feet of usable floor space
- 4 Competition Station Suitable for Clean, Squat, Bench and DL
- 4 Warm-up Station suitable for Clean, Squat, Bench and DL
- 300lbs in bumpers PER STATION
- 600lbs in bumpers / steel PER STATION
- Minimum of 3 identical prowlers
- Parking for 100 people

Volunteer Staff
- At least 1 judge for each competition station
- A person to help run our merchandise stand
- A person who can “run” for us (print sheets, grab judges food/water, etc.)
- A person who can snap some pictures of the event
- A Score keeper (this is the MOST important position of all)
- Head volunteer to manage all volunteer (usually the host)

Nice to Haves
- Basic concession area (bottles of water, food, snacks
- Room for running (20-40 yards)
- PA System

The Power Athlete Team Series run about 12 hours for hosts and volunteers.  7am debrief to 7pm lock up.  It’s physically and mentally exhausting to host this thing for volunteer staff as well as competitors, but it is a great event and it’s great for the community.  Every single event has received great reviews from competitors and all hosts get exactly what they’re looking for; a chance to showcase their gym and athletes, and build some credibility within in their community.

  • Please provide a youtube.com or vimeo.com link to a video tour of your gym. Nothing elaborate, just a simple 1 to 2 minute walk through of your gym explaining set up will do.
  • Send us some pictures of your gym so we can get a feel for the layout of your gym. Upload as many as 3 pictures!