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Power Athlete personifies the attitude and mindset of its creator, John Welbourn. As a 9 year starter in the NFL, John’s focus was to be a big, strong, powerful athlete that was able to utilize his skills for success on the field. In 2009, he launched the CrossFit Football site and retired from the NFL to teach his brand of strength and speed training and bring this knowledge and attitude to the community. The site has continued to grow due its performance oriented nature.

And with performance at the forefront we see the emergence of Power Athlete HQ, a site continuing where CrossFit Football leaves off; as an online resource dedicated to providing coaches and athletes of various backgrounds comprehensive insight in meeting their training goals.

From day one, CrossFit Football has had a singular focus to develop strength, speed and athleticism in its power athletes.  While fitness is just one component of athleticism, efficient movement and stability are paramount in sport.  We strive for perfection of movement, strength of body and mind and put an emphasis in training as we fight.  Power Athlete HQ worked with thousands of athletes ranging from amateur to professionals and have decades of experience coaching and playing at professional levels.

One thing is clear:  in competition, very few rise to the occasion, the majority tend to fall to the level of their training.  To account for this, we believe in the persistent pursuit of perfection with our athletes.

The Power Athlete team is dedicated to providing relevant content to our followers with one goal in mind:  creating strong, efficient, fast and most importantly, powerful athletes.

Welcome to Power Athlete HQ.