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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 43

Denny, Steve, Luke, Cali and Tex welcome special guest and Power Athlete HQ staff member Chelsey Haardt to the show! Find out what goes through the mind of a professional female football player! Spoiler alert, they're just as vicious, if not more so than men! In addition to getting to know the lovely Chelsey Haardt, the crew talks about dealing with unruly head coaches, training with injuries, and literature to become a better coach.

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Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro & Opening
  • 5:15 Power Athlete HQ updates
  • 14:24 Who is Chelsey Haardt?
  • 41:39 Emily C asks: Dealing with Bad Coaches
  • 52:08 Steve B asks: Any books on becoming a better coach?
  • 59:29 Ashley P asks: CF Games spreadsheet for Power Athlete Nation?
  • 1:01:08 Bryon B asks: Training with an injury?
  • 1:06:42 Closing

Show Notes

Get to know Chelsey Haardt

Follow Chelsey on Facebook and Twitter!

Emily C Asks:
Hey guys!

I was listening to the live podcast where a question was submitted about how to deal with difficult parents when coaching. Any suggestion(s) on what to do about difficult head coaches? I'm an assistant swimming coach at a local high school and was hired, in part, to head up the dryland (strength training) program. To start this season off, I was only given roughly 15 minutes to get some strength training in. I went to the coach, told him I needed more time, and he basically ignored my request. Since then, our dryland program has been nonexistent. I've tried multiple sit downs with him but he still doesn't get it. I've reached my limit on how much I can handle and am seriously questioning if I want to come back next season. Not sure if any of you have had to deal with something like this but any suggestions are much appreciated!

Steve B Asks:
Hey PA Radio,

I spent some time reading back through the TTMJ posts from years ago and ran across the Course Syllabus (July, 15th 2010), which suggested some books on training and nutrition. Are there any additional books you would recommend since then, and more specifically, any recommendations for books on becoming a better coach?

Ashley P Asks:
Will PAHQ/CFFB have a spread sheet up this year for anyone who will be competing in the games to see where we stand against others who follow the site regularly?

Bryon B Asks:
Can you talk about training with injury? I have a significant shoulder injury but still want to train as much as possible. Any advice on how to work around the shoulder? right now most movements involving the shoulder or holding significant load is out.

Luke Summers
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Luke Summers

Luke has been training athletes in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Olympic Lifting since 2007. He spent 6 years pushing pencils in “Corporate America,” spending 3 of those years moonlighting as a Strength & Conditioning Coach before and after work. Luke was an athlete his whole life and played multiple sports, but his primary focus was football.He played up through college until a neck injury forced him to hang it up. He travels with the CrossFit Football staff and has coaches a variety of athletes from amateur to professional levels in football, baseball, and track.
Luke Summers
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  1. rick g

    without even listening to PA43, i can know it would have been better with video. thanks for nothin.

  2. Ricardo

    Have you guys updated the rss feed? I’m not seeing this episode in my podcast app on android.

    Thanks for the show

  3. Ricardo

    Can you guys update the rss feed?

  4. Ricardo

    Sorry for the double post, got an error the first time 😛

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