FIELD STRONG: 2014-03-03 Day 1

Welcome to the Field Strong.  Many of you are wondering how might this program differs from what you have seen daily on CrossFit Football.  CrossFit Football is a general program written for a mass of people we have never met.  With the advent of Field Strong and the Power Athlete membership, we can start to offer more detailed programming for Power Athletes.  This will include programmed warm ups, stability and flexibility work, plyometrics, strength work, assistance work and conditioning or sprint work.  In short, this would be the program you would do if you showed up in Newport Beach and trained in our groups.  And because we have private forums and groups we can get instant feedback from the people doing the training and start to adapt the programming to the needs of each athlete.

You will see two levels:

Power Athlete 1 - this level is for those beginning athletes that are still utilizing a linear progression.  The linear progression is one of the most valuable tools we have to create bigger, stronger athletes.  If you are new or this is your first day, you will follow Power Athlete 1.

Power Athlete 2 - This program is for those of you that are more advanced in your training time.  This levels assumes you have maxed out a linear progression or been training with weights for a while.  This program will start utilizing our volume/intensity model as it relates to the barbell and Oly lifts, sprinting and body weight movements.  This wont be easy and will have a few components to each training session.  I believe you will find the training response you are looking for.  As always, use the forums to voice any questions so you can get to work.

The only issue we see with this program is the time.  The program is going to push the time from 70-90 minutes.  If you only have 45-50 mins to train each day, you might want to cut out some of the training.  As this program goes on, you will begin to see how we cycle the training.  While many people geek out on programming, many do not.  Many just want to show up, plug in and hammer down.  But for those of that geek on programming will start to see the progression of the Power Athlete system.  This programming will allow you to do just that.  Many of you will be familiar with many movements but we have added exercise demos just so you know exactly what we want with each movement.

As always, if you have any questions, direct them to the forums.

Good luck and enjoy!


Warm Up:

Todays’ warm up will consist of 3 sets of the following:

250 meter row
10 Push Ups
5 Strict Pull Ups

The focus is to get your blood flowing and warm up. There is no time on this warm up. I want you to move through the exercises with purpose but at no time should you feel fatigue. The goal is to raise core temperature and prepare for our workout.

Iso-stability Work:

Ipsilateral Dead Bugs: 5 x 30 seconds

(Same Arm, Same leg w/ 5 second hold at bottom)


5 x 3 consecutive broads jumps (rest is walking back to where you started your jumps from.
Rest 2 minutes
5 x 2 band resisted pull up + 5 dynamic push ups
Rest 2 minutes

Power Athlete 1

Squat 3x5

For todays squat, I want you to work up a weight you can handle for 5 reps, this should not be a limit 5. These should be hard enough for you to have to focus but in no way should this weight be slow and unmanageable. I want you to feel fast on these reps.

Glute Ham Bridges 4 x 20-30 seconds (rest as needed between reps)

Find a GHD bench, I want you to hold the plank position in the GHD machine. I want a controlled isometric hold on this. Pull from the hamstrings and flex you butt through the movement.

Strict Press 3x5

- For press, I want you to work up a weight you can handle for 5 reps; this should not be a limit 5. These should be hard enough for you to have to focus but in no way should this weight be slow and unmanageable. I want you to feel fast on these reps.

Lateral Banded Front Shoulder Raise 4 x 10 reps + 15 second hold at top of movement

Attach a band low in a rack and grabs the ends. I want you to perform front raises slow and controlled for 10 reps. At the last rep I want you to hold the top of the movement for 15 seconds. Once done, switch hands. Machine gun through this so the only rest you are getting is when the other arm is going. It is OK to break during the isometric holds, as you are new to this. But do not make it a habit. If you break, get right back into the fight.

Power AThlete 2

- Squat 5 RM

Today, work up to the heaviest 5 reps you can handle in the squat. I don’t want you to stop short. If pick a weight and during the 5 reps you think you can get 6, get six…seven…or however many reps you can do. Rest and add weight till we find a weight you can handle for 5 reps. I rather find your 4 ½ than you 6 RM.

- Glute Ham Bridges 5 x 30 seconds. (30 seconds rest)

Find a GHD bench, I want you to hold the plank position in the GHD machine. I want a controlled isometric hold on this. Pull from the hamstrings and flex you butt through the movement.

- Strict Press 1 RM

Work up to a 1 RM on the press today. This should be a limit single. We need to start working on singles as the only way to prepare someone’s CNS for the efficiency needed to limit 1 RMs, is by doing 1 RMs. I want you to get around 7-10 reps at a heavy weight, with no more than 4 max attempts. Remember, the press does not use an legs or breaking in the hips. This is a pure test of manhood…time to impress me.

- Neutral Grip DB Bench 3 x max reps

I want you to start pyramiding up in weight by sets of 10. Once the weight gets heavy enough were you could only get 10-12 reps, up the weight by 10 lbs and give me 3 sets of max reps. I want 90 second rest between sets.

- Banded Triceps Push Downs 3 x max reps

Loop at band over the top of a power rack, grab it with both hands and start banging out triceps pushdowns.  Focus on staying up right, I want a 1 second hold at the bottom and control the band on the eccentric portion of the movement.  I want sets of 20-40 reps.  I want you to think, “There is no way anymore blood can get pumped into my triceps …” Give me 3 sets like this...90-second rest.  You should be walking around in circle cursing my name.

Conditioning – Test

10 minute: Airdyne

Goal: Max Calories

We need a base line here for some work in the future. So lets test your capacity and bodies ability to deal to with lactic acid. I want you to shoot for max calories today. This should suck. You should be smoked. This will come up periodically in the workouts to test our capacity and LAT.

No airdyne?

You can use a C2 rower, versaclimber, Assault Bike or if you are really barebones...jump rope. Count 5 jumps = 1 calorie.

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John Welbourn is CEO of Power Athlete and Fuse Move. He is also creator of the online training phenomena, Johnnie WOD. He is a 9 year veteran of the NFL. John was drafted with the 97th pick in 1999 NFL Draft and went on to be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2003, appearing in 3 NFC Championship games, and for starter for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004-2007. In 2008, he played with the New England Patriots until an injury ended his season early with him retiring in 2009. Over the course of his career, John has started over 100 games and has 10 play-off appearances. He was a four year lettermen while playing football at the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric in 1998. John has worked with the MLB, NFL, NHL, Olympic athletes and Military. He travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition for Power Athlete. You can catch up with John as his personal blog on training, food and life, Talk To Me Johnnie and at Power Athlete.
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  1. @John/Luke, I was on CFFB amateur so I’ll be PA1. My weight where I was on amateur squat would not be as fast as you are describing. Am I basically abandoning my old linear progression numbers for the Field Strong programming?

  2. Keep on your linear progression if you are coming from CFFB.

    I wrote that for new people who were wondering where to start on their 5 reps.

    Keep up the work.


  3. I am to coming from CFFB amateur, how long should we stay at level 1 before moving to level 2 or do we even need to move on? I’m older in age and just want the benefits of your programming for my overall life and job; no sport or competitions for me anymore

  4. Not gonna lie. I’m a little giddy.

  5. i’m not gonna lie. this sounds amazing. tex, i’m going to have a million questions, so get ready. love where you guys are taking this.

  6. Bulldozer

    So stoked about this. Have a couple quick questions though. I paid the $3 monthly for the forums and community. Does that give me access to Field Strong as well or is that the $20 monthly? More importantly, I’m a tactical athlete and am on Collegiate for CFFB. What is a better program for us soldiers, police, and fire men? Field Strong or CFFB? Thanks a bunch everyone. Keep kickin ass.

  7. JD

    It’s finally happening! So, should we be posting questions about today’s workout here, or in the forums?

    I’m scared for tomorrow morning.

  8. JD

    Like, for example, I’m too dumb to understand the 1RM Press in the PA2 workout. It’s a 1RM, but were supposed to be trying for 7-10 reps? I don’t get it. I guess I should go back to CFFB, where I probably just didn’t know any better 🙂

  9. @bulldozer the $20&$50 gets you the field strong programming. It explains that on. Membership page. I’m interested on what program is better for firefighters as well.

  10. Jordan

    While looking through the workout of the day I noticed links directing to video demonstrations, but the only one that seems to have a video is the Strict Pull up link. Are these already highlighted for future videos? and will these be available for today’s workout?

  11. @Ingo Hate to admit it but so am I. Just joined and tapping into all this. . . very exciting.

  12. Nick J

    That 7 to 10 reps is an idea on today’s volume. I think you could read it as 3 to 6 total reps during the heavy portion of your warmup, then up to 4 max attempts. Resulting in 7-10 heavy reps.
    Am I on the right track?

  13. @JD, the press explanation is simple when you step back and look at it. What it’s saying is during your attempts to find your 1RM, taking only 7-10 reps total to find your 1RM is ideal. That means you unrack the bar, step it off, rip out single, rack the bar. Add weight…repeat…until you find your 1RM…with no more than 4 max attempts.

  14. going to be starting this tomorrow since I’m snowed/iced in at the moment. Can’t wait.

  15. Redoing 14.1 today, will be on this either end of the open.

    Thank you guys for the programming.

  16. PD

    Will the FS program follow the same on/off days as CFFB, i.e. a 5 days of work with Wed and Sun as rest days? Thanks for all you do!

  17. On the Plyometric portion:
    I’m a little unclear on the rest, I think you are saying…
    Do 5 sets of 3 broad jumps, with the only rest being the time it takes to walk back to the starting point.
    Then, after all 5 sets are complete, rest 2 minutes before starting the pullups/pushups.

    So far, so good. But here’s where I’m a little confused:
    on the 5 sets of 2 pullups/ 5 pushups, do you rest 2 minutes between each set. If that is the case, the confusion arises because the first “2 minute rest” and the second “2 minute rest” are written exactly the same but mean very different things.

    Just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly.

  18. TyShumster

    Thanks for this. I love how in depth it is. As someone who works out alone in my garage this site is going to be a huge help. I’ve been following CFFB for a while now as a silent observer. I’m stoked to take it to the next level.

  19. Anthony Rodriguez

    Sub for glute ham bridges?

  20. Verlon

    How long is it taking to get your password emailed once you register?

  21. @Scott, I read it literally. Rest 2 minutes after the plyo work is complete and before moving on to the PA (squat) work.

  22. None of the videos worked for me 10 minutes ago… now they all work!

  23. Bulldozer

    LUKE- I signed in last night at around midnight. I couldn’t get to registration page, didn’t get emailed a password, can’t log in, but my paypal has still been billed. Should I sign up again for access or with paypal bill me twice? What should I do?

  24. Bulldozer

    Ok, I fixed it. Cancelled paypal and resigned up. Emailed password. All good.

  25. Just wondering how or where I will find tomorrow’s workout in the morning? I used the link today as sent in an email from Luke but not sure how it works tomorrow as everything seems to be up and running?

  26. Mex

    Pumped to get started with this!

    Warm up used a vision fitness e4000. Like an aerodyne. .25 mi each rd.

    Strength: Squat 5RM: 390(pr), Press 1RM: 180(post surgery PR. Old one was 205).

    No DB bench, I don’t have DBs.

    Tricep banded push downs , green band. 21/17/20. Damn!!!!!!

    Conditioning: 80.2 cals on VF. went 2.2 miles. That sucked. Great stuff!!!

  27. Mex

    @bryon B. I’m a Firefighter and am going with Fieldstrong.

  28. dredlocked

    @Bulldozer: did it charge you 2x then? I went to look at my account and it showed that the payment had already processed, so I couldn’t cancel it, just the reoccurring status to pay for next month.

  29. Dreadlocked- just checked. Yea it hit me twice.

  30. dredlocked

    – Warmup: done: cut some pullups because upper back; think it’s more rear delt than lat
    – Isometrics: done, showed some hamstring tightness
    – Plyos: done, reset between pullups in 4&5, red, small band; pushups to two 45’s, did plyos by mistake
    – Squat: 3×5@290#; no belt; widened my stance and tried to drop straight down a bit more, felt glutes and abductors more and had to fight to keep knees out; back felt pretty good though
    – GHD hold: 5x :30s on/:30s off; hands at chest for first round, behind had for 2-4
    – Press: 152.5#x3,4,3; worse than last week, pretty tired by this point; reset next week
    – Front raises: small red band, only 3 sets on R side, lat/felt bothering me

    -Conditioning: 194 calories on the C2; that sucked; could hit 200 with another try

    Long workout, but kept things interesting and felt good throughout, challenging but purposeful. Realized I may have been mismanaging my warmups before, today I felt pretty primed when it was time to lift.

    Move the Dirt.

  31. W/U: done. Strict pull-ups at this low number felt great.
    Iso-Stability: done. Dead bugs very difficult for me. Huge hamstring weakness.
    Plyo: Done. The consecutive broad jumps were hella fun!
    PA1: squat 3×5 @ 215# (PR). GH bridges done. Press 3×5 @ 125# (PR). Front shoulder raises done…these were brutal.
    Conditioning: 151 calories on C2. Very tough for me. Rowing has always sucked.

    Quite the workout today. I don’t know if I can hold this volume. Took me 95 minutes to complete.

  32. Lost some strength since I was last on PA programming.

    5RM Squat – 265
    1RM Press – 145
    Conditioning – 135….my lactic acid thresh-hold sucks

  33. Can’t access tomorrow’s programming. Anyone else having this issue?

  34. All the warm up, ISO, and plyo work done Rx’d
    Squat 5rm @365….didn’t have it today
    GHD bridges Rx’d
    Press 1rm @205
    DB bench @50lb. 20,15,20
    Tricep green band. 33,25,20
    No time for conditioning….maybe tomorrow

  35. First off,
    New programming is fucking awesome.

    Warm up, Iso-stability, and plyos….I just usually did a generic warm up. After this warm up I felt ready to squat.

    Squat…. 3×5 @ 275. Reset to 250 a few weeks ago and have been going beltless and feeling stronger.

    Glute bridges….had to modify due to lack of GHD

    Press…. 3×5 @177.5

    Lateral banded front raise w/ red band. Noticed a definite imbalance between dominant and non-dominant arm.

    10 Min Max Cal on C2 Rower – 210 cals

    I signed up for the essential pack and can not access the field strong workout for the 4th. When clicking on the post for the 4th, I am redirected to the membership page and prompted to purchase the professional package in order to view the workouts.

  36. @Luke S. Good Morning. When I try to access FS prog for the 4th it takes me to membership options. I am already a member. Same problem the “Luke” above is having.

  37. I’m getting the same problem this morning. Time to see if I can remember what I read last night.

  38. dredlocked

    Anyway PAHQ can post the FS workout for 3/4 for those of us whose account signup hasn’t been squared away yet?

  39. Hassan 'Sean' Mahfouz

    I can’t pay with PayPall… is there a way I pay by Credit card to get the membership going?

    • Sean,
      Our only payment gateway at the moment is PayPal. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be upgrading our payment gateway solution in the coming months, and will be accepting all major credit cards, and will be SSL certified.

  40. @everyone with problems accessing 3/4. I can access from my office laptop where I signed up but not from my husband’s computer at home or from my iphone.

  41. @Paula, same here. I was able to access it from my iPad last night, but have not been able to do so on my phone or iPad this morning.

  42. Day Behind-
    Squat 5RM 345 very low. I tried for 385 and failed after 1
    Press 1RM 205#
    DB Neutral Bench 90# 8,8,5

    Calorie Row on broken c2, no idea how many cals but I was spent.

  43. Suggestion: post the FS workouts publicly for a week. Benefits are at least twofold: (1) allows time to get the bugs worked out without paying clients missing workouts; and (2) allows folks like me to get a short test drive, so to speak, to see if the programming fits schedules, equipment and space resources, etc.

    • Thanks for the Suggestions TRuss, but we are firm believers of the idea that if you’re in, you’re in.

      5 years of results on CFFB should be enough convincing.

      Hopefully we’ll see you on the other side!

  44. 20140303

    Warmup: Done
    ISO-Stability: Done
    Plyo: Broad Jumps done. Skipped pull-ups & push-ups

    5RM Squat: 510 lb. (+5 PR)
    GHB: Done
    1RM Press: 240 lb. (+5 PR; missed 245)
    Neutral DB Bench: 8, 2, 8 w/ 85 lb. — felt some weird impingement/weakness in my left shoulder that really hampered my second set
    Banded Tricep Pushdown: Used green band. Had to break sets to get to 20 reps.

    Conditioning: I’m not doing that

  45. @Dave the Bull LOL, I did it but I had no gas, more like a cooldown rather than a capacity case

  46. dredlocked

    Aw c’mon Dave, It’s really “fun”! And if you row, your ass cheeks will burn for the last 8 minutes of the workout, how can you say no to that?

    Beastly press and squat numbers though…

  47. JB

    Registered this morning and I am unable to see today’s Field Strong programming. I am redirected to the membership page although I am already a member. I have attempted to login through different computers and still redirected. No error screen, just redirected as if I wasn’t a member.

  48. JB

    @Luke Summers, clearing my cache worked like a charm! Thank you for the quick response and help!

  49. Dylan

    Hey Guys,
    I had a few questions regarding Field Strong. Really enjoying the standard professional CFFB programming my numbers are going through the roof every month. If one does sign up for Field Strong does it give you programming like this everyday?
    Thanks for everything !

  50. Hassan 'Sean' Mahfouz

    Thanks Luke… but my country Lebanon is not on pay pall, I would love to get on this program. can we do this via email? sorry to ask again but I’ve been following CFFB for a year and my gains are insane. I would love to take it to the next level with Field strong.

    Thanks a lot.

  51. Billy

    Hey guys,
    whats the fix for not getting your password once you sign up ?

  52. This is amazing, the addition of video demos and program description is big time. Thank you guys for all you do.

  53. Dustin

    Can anyone see the FS programming? I the 3/3 programming but not the 3/4, if I sign up for the $3 month deal will that give me access to the FS program?

  54. Ok, so I’ve been following the linear for 11 weeks. Should I scrap the weight that I’ve been using? It says that I need to be fast. My current squat weight isn’t “fast” but I haven’t failed. Thanks

  55. Warm up and iso-stability as RX’d

    Plyos as RX’d. Broad jump transition speed got better after rd 1. Band pull ups with blue band 1″ (?)

    Squat 5RM – 355 (+10# PR)
    GH bridges – as RX’d
    Press 1RM – I had 5RM on the mind and didn’t catch my mistake until the 3rd max attempt. Burned myself out as a result. 145# was all I could get without breaking posture

    Neutral grip DB bench @ 65#: 11/9/6

    Banded tricep pushdowns: worked from overhead hitting position, 0.5″ band, otherwise as RX’d – 22/23/20

    10 min max cal row: 152 – 0-4 min @ 75% effort, 5+ alt 50%/100% every 30 sec to mimic demands of sport.

  56. w/u: rx’d
    Iso-stability: rx’d
    plyos:Jumps rx’d, 5×5 dynamic pushups (no pullups)
    1)squat 5RM:215
    2)glute ham bridge rx’d
    3)press 1RM:140
    4)3x max kb bench @2x24kg(gym does not have dumbells) 14, 9, 8
    5)3xmax band tri pushdowns @2xred bands 22, 16, 15
    10 min max cal jump rope: 787 skips = 157 calories

  57. Kiwi

    Is it possible to subscribe to field strong only for one month ? I want to try and compare before jumping for good ! 🙂

  58. Following a week behind.
    Great program, totally gassed after the 10 min calorie row.

  59. 1week behind, totally stoked on the programming. Thanks for your hard work guys!

  60. DennisDolan

    The banded shoulder raises were demo’d above 90 degrees. I thought this was a no no due to the stress on the G-H joint/rotator cuff mm’ being in an unstable position. Thoughts? Maybe address scapular stabilization during this exercise as well?

  61. Warm Up and Iso Work = Rxd
    Plyo Work
    Avg 2.8m Broad Jump
    Purple force band for resisted pull ups
    Squat 5rm@110Kg (stuck around here for awhile now)
    GH bridges Rxd
    Press 1rm@65Kg (7.5kg short of PB)
    NG DB bench 13-15 reps @17.5kg DB’s
    Tricep push down 30 reps purple force band
    10 min Cal Row 183 calories

  62. Warm-Up/Iso/Plyo Work = Rx’d. Thin red band for resisted pullups, still tough.
    Squat 5RM = 405lbs. Felt good to be back up to this.
    GH Bridges = Rx’d. Easy, with hands held behind head.
    Press 1RM = 205lbs. Finally hit BW. It’s been a long time coming. I don’t know if it would impress John Welbourn, but I’m happy.
    Tricep Pushdown (Black EFS band) = 30/26/20. Definitely got the desired training effect.
    10 Min. AirDyne = 310 calories. Goal was 300.

    Good day.

  63. Hey guys,
    I am starting this today at 6:30 PST with my buddy. We do not have a GHD – what did folks do for the Glute Ham Bridge?
    Thanks in advance

  64. I was advised to start this programming at the beginning vs starting on the current date. Been following oly programming for months prior so opted for PA1 (especially considering I’m having to retrain squatting with my hips back)

    29 years old

    5’9″ 178lbs

    Completed WU/ISO/PLYO RXd

    Opting to stay on the lighter side to make sure I don’t revert to old habits:

    Squat 3×5 225

    GH Bridges (no GHD)

    Press 3×5 115

    Banded raises RX

    Air Dyne 186cal

  65. WU/ISO/PLY Rx
    Squat: 3 x 5 @100kg
    GHB: 4 x 30sec
    Press: 3 x 5 @40kg
    Banded raises: 7.5kg dumbbell
    Conditioning: 63 Cal Assault bike

  66. Tried out a bit of the CFFB programming. Loved it and wanted more so here I am. Aiming to get back into rugby union next year (after almost a decade off). Previously a second row but no hope of that these days so aiming for Flanker, maybe Lock. Starting on the light and fast side for a solid linear progression. Keen as.


    Warmup/Iso/PLyo Rx’d
    3×5 Squat @ 85Kg fairly easy
    GHB 4×30 sec
    3×5 Press @ 60kg
    Banded raises: Assistance chinup band used 4×10 +15 sec
    Conditioning: Tried to use the exercise bike but my dog ate it (or at least enough of it for it to no longer turn on). Skipping = 54 cal. – calves suck.

    Rids out.

  67. Squat- 185lb
    Press- 95lb

    140 cal on C2

  68. Just started:

    Warmup/Iso/Plyo – As Rx’d
    PA – 1
    Squat – 3×5@275
    GH Bridges – 4x30Sec.
    Strict Press – 3×5@135
    Banded FSR – 4×10+15Sec. – As Rx’d

  69. Just starting Field Strong, super stoked. Starting on day 1, what’s the easiest way to find day 2. Please excuse my ignorance, just having a difficult time navigating. Long time CFFB fan. Thanks

  70. Go up to Field Strong in the drop down and click to Cycle 1. It shows the workouts by date.


  71. Warm-Up/Iso/Plyo Work = Rx’d. Red band for resisted pullups, can go blue next time.
    Squat 5RM = 315lbs. Having some low back issues. Could have gone higher had everything been in order
    GH Bridges = Rx’d. Challenging but not overly so.
    Press 1RM = 165lbs. This is a very poor lift in general for me. Static overhead strength is a big weakness of mine.
    Tricep Pushdown (Black EFS band) = Blue Band. 40 each set…that was rough
    10 Min. AirDyne = 236

  72. I’ve missed so many days from each cycle I thought fuck it, I’ll start again and do it properly

    Warm up/ISO/plyo rxd
    Squat 5rm 130kg
    Gh bridges rxd
    Press 1rm 74kg
    Tricep push down, orange band 20/22/25
    10 min air dyne 115 cal, man that sucked

  73. Rick

    Day 1

    Warm up, ISO and ply as RX
    Squat up to 47.5kg (rebuilding after back injury)
    Press 5 – 25kg
    GHD bracing – done at 30 secs
    10 min row – 160 cal

    Coming back from 3 months off.

  74. Squat 5RM 350
    Press 1RM 210
    DB Neutral Bench 90х10,9,7
    10 min jump rope-240 cal

  75. PA 1
    Squat; 3 x 5 (225)
    GH Bridges; CHECK
    Strict Press; 3 x 5 (115)
    Banded Front Raises; CHECK

    AIRDYNE 10 min max cals; 199

  76. Squat 225
    Press 90
    Lactic acid test C2 142 cal

    Second day keto.
    Very disappointed. Squats heavy and grindy for such a light weight
    Lactic acid test died in the ass.

    But looking forward to badass-dom

  77. all work done. PA1 – squat @ 110, press @ 50kg, tried raises with small red band and it wasnt working so 7.5kg dumbbell for raises and 5kg for 15sec hold (could only get ~5secs with 7.5kg) row 167cal

  78. Warm ups, plyo, stability done
    Pa 2
    Squats 5rm 305# heavy but solid
    Ghd planks done
    Press 1rm 155# not a PR. Felt heavy today
    Subbed bb for db 165# 30 reps
    Tricep press downs done with red band 70 reps total
    10 minutes row 168 calories . damper set to 10

  79. First day done!!
    First day back trainin after trip round Europe! Booze!
    Squat- 100kg x 5
    Ohp- 57.5kg
    Can’t wait for tomorrow

    Cheers John and power athlete Crew!

  80. Matt

    Hey guys have few questions about the programming. I have a garage gym base off what john said we would need. With the new programming is it going to be base off the same equipment? Do you give different options of equipment. (Meaning if I don’t have a ghd but need to do glute ham raises that day you would say to do good mornings for substitute. ) I have few other questions if someone could email me thanks.

  81. Hi John,
    I’m a CrossFit / Rugby Trainer from Auckland New Zealand.
    Thank you for providing this tool. I’m looking forward to implement this program for rugby of course with the blend of specif drills for rugby.
    Looking forward to share my feedback with you during the year.


  82. PA2
    Squat – #315
    GHR – subbed glute ham bridges instead with a 135 barbell
    Press – #165 (felt horrible today, definitely more in the tank)
    Neutral press @ #75 – 12-7-6
    Tricep press down – 18 reps (blue band) 18-14 (red band)
    Row – 183 calories

  83. American Viking

    How would this program work for someone getting into the law enforcement field? Do you feel it would cover all areas to meet the demands of the job? Thanks in advance.

    • American Viking,
      Thanks for the inquiry, here’s some feedback from a LEO on the program:

      “I am a cop and I just wanted to say thank you. The power/conditioning developed through your Field Strong programming may literally save my life and Lord knows me and my family appreciate that. As an FYI, I work in one of the largest cities in the country, in the most ghetto part of said city. So this stuff literally is a “life-saver”

      At the end of the day, the objective of the program is to make you the most efficient mover as possible to maximize force development and speed; to improve body awareness so you can seamlessly navigate through your environment, going over, under, around, or through any obstacles that might appear.

      These skills aren’t just essential for athletes, they’re essential for our LEO, Fire, and MIL individuals who put their lives on the line day in and day out.

      Hope that helps.

      Let me know if you need any more info.

  84. PA1
    Warm ups, plyo, stability done
    Squat 135lbs (knee issue)
    Press 75lbs
    103 Calories on C2 rower

  85. PA 1
    Squat; 3 x 5 (255)
    GH Bridges; CHECK
    Strict Press; 3 x 5 (110)
    Banded Front Raises; CHECK
    Assault Bike 10 min max cals; 131

  86. JZ

    Cycle 1
    Day 1


    5 rm Back Squat = 265 lbs (15 lbs more than my old 5 rm)
    1 rm Strict Press = 175 lbs
    NG BP = 50 lbs DB 20 reps/ 15 reps / 11 reps
    Banded Tri’s = Green Band x 31/22/22

    Conditioning Test
    166 Calories

    Justin Ziegler
    185 lbs (81 kg)
    31 years old

  87. PA1
    Warm up. Done
    Plyo. Done. Love this!
    squat @225. Nice and fast
    GHB. RX. love the way this felt for my posterior chain
    Press @125. Agian fast
    Banded front raises. Done RX with standing on red band. Good burn
    10 min row. 167
    First day and this felt great. Warmup and plyos really made me feel ready to squat/press

  88. First Day!
    Warm up – Done
    ISO – Done
    Plyo – Done
    Squat @225
    GHB – Sub’d w/ Superman holds
    Press @85 (elbow hates me)
    Banded front raises – Done

  89. First day and really like the complete nature of the session I’ve just done.

    Warmup, Iso and plyo – done.

    Squat worked up in sets of 5 – 20kg, 60, 80 and 3 working sets of 5 at 100kg. Worried it was a bit light but full depth and fast. Rest 90 secs between sets.

    Subbed GHD holds for 4 x 30 secs superman holds with 30 secs rest

    Worked up 20kg, 30, 40 and 3 working sets at 50kg.

    Banded raises done.

    Added in 10 x wrist roller (I’m rehabbing wrist injury after cortisone injection into joint)

    Conditioning – 83 calories according to crappy static bike.

  90. WU, Iso-stability, and Plyo-RX’ed
    BS 5RM-265
    GHB-Subbed with Superman holds
    Press 1RM- 155
    DB Bench w 70s-12-11-9
    Banded Tricep pull down- 21-20-18
    Conditioning 10 min on c2-141 Calories

  91. Warm-up: done x 3rds
    Iso: done
    5RM Squat: 355 (ties pr)
    Glute ham: done
    1RM Press: 170
    3x max db press: 10/10/8 all with 75# db’s
    Tricep push downs: 20/18/15
    Conditioning: C2 rower for 211cals

  92. I just joined the Power Athlete group here. So, hello! I play Junior pro level football up in Canada and am a Defensive Back (Safety). Right now I have 5 months until our season starts. Where should I start? Cycle 1? Any way I should modify the programming? I would be a Power Athlete 2 because of my experience.
    Thank you!

  93. Just started Field Strong yesterday. Started @ Cycle 1 Day 1.

    Quick question how do I approach this, start with PA1 and stay there or start with PA1 and then after X number of cycles change round to PA2??

  94. Warm Up -DONE
    Iso-Stability – DONE
    Plyometrics – DONE

    Squats (3×5) – 143lbs (65kg)
    Glute Ham Bridges – DONE
    Strict Press (3×5) – 93lbs (42.5kg)
    Front Raises using Band – DONE

    Conditioning – DONE (Concept 2 – 168cals)

  95. Warm-up, iso with red band, plyo, as rxd
    335 squat
    155 press
    60 lb dB 10/11/6
    Green band pull downs 17/18/20
    150 call on airdyne

  96. Sebastian Calle

    Hi friends, I have a question, the field-strength program will help me with hypertrophy and strength??. I really like crossfit training but I do not want muscle gains, is this the right program for me ???

    Thanks for the help

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