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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 52

Power Athlete Nation, it’s time to kick the tires and light the firing, of your muscle fibers. We have the Grandaddy of the Barbell Mark Rippetoe check in and talk everything from butchering a cow to the all mighty powers of the FMS. Rippetoe gives us some great words of wisdom and challenges coaches to coach. Zip your lips, open your ears, and buckle up as the team shares knowledge bombs from 50+ years of lifting experience between the crew.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:30 Mark Rippetoe Talks Meat
  • 6:51 Weight Room Vs. Field Strong
  • 11:50 Weight Room Strength Applied To The Field
  • 12:53 Similarities Between The Best Of The Best
  • 13:56 How Do We Train Old People?
  • 17:03 Do You Know MAT? Muscle Activation Technique
  • 20:16 Your Muscles Are Firing But The Flame Is Weak
  • 29:46 FML, SMH, LMFAO And The Almighty FMS: Functional Movement Screen
  • 31:39 Coach The Movement Pattern
  • 33:48 Amateur Progression: Force The Adaptation
  • 41:28 It’s So Simple It’s Hard
  • 49:14 But Mom, I Wanna Be Like Froning
  • 52:34 CrossFit Converts
  • 57:05 The Passing Of A Legend: George Zangas
  • 1:00:52 Closing
Luke Summers
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Luke Summers

Luke has been training athletes in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Olympic Lifting since 2007. He spent 6 years pushing pencils in “Corporate America,” spending 3 of those years moonlighting as a Strength & Conditioning Coach before and after work. Luke was an athlete his whole life and played multiple sports, but his primary focus was football.He played up through college until a neck injury forced him to hang it up. He travels with the CrossFit Football staff and has coaches a variety of athletes from amateur to professional levels in football, baseball, and track.
Luke Summers
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3 Responses to Power Athlete Radio – Episode 52

  1. Jorge Valdez

    Thanks for linking this Rip. Always good stuff!

  2. TomC

    Ruiz, now Rip, the guests just keep getting better and better. Superb work and thank you.

  3. Always good hearing Rippetoe talk, great guest.

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