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FIELD STRONG: 2014-06-12

Today is basic, warm up with the bar and get on to your skill transfer. Once you are ready, time to hit the heavy day like a Spartan kick to the chest. We have back squats, snatches, pulls and presses. And just in case you have some extra time and wanted to condition, I programmed some extra credit. I knocked this one out this AM, and while it doesnt look that difficult the dips and push ups smoked me. I found myself going slow on the ball slams to give the triceps a break.

Have fun and remember sometimes the mind has to lead the body.


2-3 x

Reverse Shrugs on Dip Bars – 10 reps
Empty Bar Hang PS – 10 reps
Empty Bar Overhead Squat - 10 reps
Empty Bar Snatch Grip PP – 10 reps
Full Glute Ham Raises – 10 reps

This warm up is all about prepping for heavy day. Move through the warm up at a good pace focusing on your movement while getting you body warm and ready to bang heavy.


- 2-3 x

Snatch Warm Up 1

Since we are snatching and doing snatch pulls, the skill transfer will focus on the snatch.


Back Squat 4x4
Snatch 4, 4, 4
Snatch Pull 3 (+10 lbs to last snatch) 3x3 (+20 lbs to last snatch)
Push Press 3x5

Use the same weight from last Thursday for Squats. But if you got all your reps & it was easy, you can add 2.5 lbs.
If you did not get all your reps on these movements last week, cut the weight to get all 4 reps.


Back Squat 4 @ 70%, 4x4 @ 80%
Full Snatch 4 @ 75%, 2x4 @ 85%
Snatch Pull 3 @ 95%, 3x3 @ 105%
Push Press 3x5 @ 85%

Today is a heavy day and at this point, the bar will just feel heavy regardless of the weight that is on it. Warm up and take some lighter sets to get your body ready for the training. I think you will surprise yourself today and be strong regardless of how you feel. Sometimes the mind has to dictate to the body what it wants done. But if you start tanking reps, cut the weight to make your reps. And as always count your misses in the volume of each day.


Complete 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

Dips (bar or ring)
50 lbs Ball Slams
True Push Ups


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John Welbourn is CEO of Power Athlete and Fuse Move. He is also creator of the online training phenomena, Johnnie WOD. He is a 9 year veteran of the NFL. John was drafted with the 97th pick in 1999 NFL Draft and went on to be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2003, appearing in 3 NFC Championship games, and for starter for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004-2007. In 2008, he played with the New England Patriots until an injury ended his season early with him retiring in 2009. Over the course of his career, John has started over 100 games and has 10 play-off appearances. He was a four year lettermen while playing football at the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric in 1998. John has worked with the MLB, NFL, NHL, Olympic athletes and Military. He travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition for Power Athlete. You can catch up with John as his personal blog on training, food and life, Talk To Me Johnnie and at Power Athlete.
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48 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2014-06-12

  1. PJ

    Warm Up & Skill: Rx
    Squat: 4 x 4 @ 114kg (2kg up from last Thursday. Bar didn’t feel heavy but felt slow on the concentric)
    Snatch: 40kg, 40kg, 40kg – Still focusing on technique
    Snatch Pull: 3 @ 65kg, 3 x 3 @ 70kg
    Press: Subbed for snatch balance – 3 x 5 @ 35kg

    EC: 5:04 with 10kg ball

  2. @john, I’m sure you have commented before and I missed it but what is your opinion on straps. On days like today my forearms get fried so I was thinking I could use straps so I can still nail the weight without ruining my grip for rest of week. Could you maybe give some guidelines on when to use/not use straps.



    PA 1 – HEAVY
    Squat 4×4 – 305#
    Snatch 4, 4, 4 – 135#, 140#, 145#
    Snatch Pull 3 (+10 lbs to last snatch) 155#, 3×3 (+20 lbs to last snatch) 165#
    Push Press 3×5 – 175# (1×5…felt light so went up in weight), 185# (2×5)

    12:47 with ring dips and 50# ball (smoked!)

    • I haven’t read that in while. Still pretty funny even a few years later…the guy with 31k posts is still a douche.

      When doing a google search for training info, invariably you will come across info on the bodybuilding.com forums. Most of those dudes have 36,000 posts in 3 years. That works out to 36 posts a day, everyday for 3 years. If you have time to post 36 times a day, you are not training.


  4. Warmup- RX
    Skill T- RX
    BS- 235|275 video at 1st set of 275# http://www.coachseye.com/v/jo4p
    Snatch- 175|195 missed 4th rep of 195 on 1st set.
    Snatch Pull- 205|225|235 this video has just about everything wrong with a 225# snatch. Not sure why I snatched it versus snatch pull but what happens after the miss is epic and may be testament to the 6 weeks we spent developing tensile strength lol. No need to watch past 38s. https://www.coacheseye.com/v/0t9m
    Push Press- 185 http://www.coachseye.com/v/FLK5

  5. @Daniel/miked2002dc, good video. You are plenty strong enough for that lift (legit), you are simply jumping forward as you pull under the bar. In the hole with the bar overhead your feet are a good 6 inches from their placement during the starting pull. Fix that and you nailed it.

  6. W/U as Rx’d, Snatch Warm Up as Rx’d

    PA 2 HEAVY
    Squats – (335)(365)(365)(375)(385) decided to push it a little, hit 385 nice and clean
    Snatch – (135)(155)(155) – Def need to work on these, @John nail on the head about feeling a little worn down today
    Snatch Pull – (175)(195)(205)
    Push Press – (205)(205)(205) – Again, felt worn down during these. Tri’s still sore from Tuesday

    E/C Used Ring dips, 50 lbs slam ball and Neuro grip Push Ups, (09:02) Awesome way to end a brutal routine this early

  7. Thanks for the pointers Gavin. The focal point was the awesome (in my opinion) OH lunge afterwards. Active shoulders, upright torso, and swagger on Ghost riding the bar haha. I just moved to NC from AZ and the climate change is kicking my ass.

  8. @Daniel, how do you like the Coachs App? I am still looking for a training partner and figure something like that would help give me a little boost and integrity on my development….

  9. “Coaches Eye” it works good can measure angles and you can voice record while reviewing the lift. I’m in the same boat with searching for a partner. It’s hard to find Bro’s or Broettes and skill and endurance to handle the FS volume. I’m thinking about putting an ad in the paper.


    PA 1 – HEAVY
    Squat 4×4 345lbs
    Snatch 4, 4, 4
    125 lbs,140 lbs,160lbs
    Snatch Pull 3 @ 170lbs, 3×3 @ 185lbs
    Push Press 3×5, 185lbs which was to much for 3 sets so dropped to 170lbs for the last two sets

    No time for EC

  11. We should work on the write up “31 y/o Bro looking for Bro/Broette who can squat 1-1/2x BW, C&J BW, Bench BW, and who likes long rest cycles between lifts. Also, must enjoy getting the shit kicked out of them on the reg. Prefer someone who sneaks in a set of curls while moving weight to or from platform. Must also be able to workout with ear piercing jams set to the highest volume…EVER.

  12. @Daniel, Haha might have to steal your idea. BTW I had a “Bro” doing dumbell curls this morning stop me mid set of snatches. He advised me that I would get a “better lift” if I wouldn’t drop the snatches on heavy sets, and instead slowly lower the weight from overhead to chest, to waist, and lightly put it back on the ground. He said it was a better pump if I did it that way instead of wasting time dropping it. I wonder if he would make a good partner…

  13. Warmup and ST complete
    Squat @ 270
    Snatch @ 95, 100, 105
    Snatch pull @ 115 and 125
    Push Press 135
    Really have a hard time in the bottom position of the full snatch.
    Ring dips
    Used a 25# slam ball
    Time: 13m33s

  14. Warm-up and Skill work done.
    Squat 4 @ 143#, 4×4 @ 163#
    Snatch 4 @ 83#, 2×4 @ 98#
    Snatch Pull 3 @ 108#, 3×3 @ 118#
    Push Press 3×5 @ 108#
    All lifts successful, felt pretty good today.
    Dips on bar
    25# slamball
    Time: 21:07
    Noodle arms!

  15. Btwn Mon/Tues you all worse my ass OUT. I had to take a complete rest day yesterday.

    Warm up & Skill as rx’d. That was a great warm up, when I got to the squats I was ready.

    Squat (same weight at Tues) and made all reps. 4@110#, 4×4@115# (still not back to full %’s)
    HPS 3×4@45#; working on form (it’s 100% flexibility), set 2/3 better than 1
    Snatch Pulls 3@70#, 3×3@80#
    Push press 2×5@80# (80%) and just to make sure I wasn’t cheating myself last set @85# (85%), got 4 reps, failed on the 5th

    EC: none–good intentions at the beginning of the wod; tris still smoked from Tues and the shoulders have just had enough. WWKRD

  16. W/U and skill as Rx’d

    Squat :
    w/u 4 @50kg ; 4 @80kg
    4×4 @102kg

    Snatch : more like a power snatch …
    w/u 4 @30kg ; 4 @40kg
    4 @45kg ; 2×4 @50kg

    Snatch Pull :
    3 @65kg ; 3×3 @70kg

    Push press :
    w/u 5 @30kg ; 5 @40kg
    3×5 @56kg

    EC : 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    american swings @21kg
    true push ups
    TOTAL = 7min29

  17. PA2
    Squat: 4@315, 4×4@350
    Snatch: 4@165, 2×4@185
    Snatch Pulls, 3@215, 3×3@235
    Push Press: 3×5@205 (felt like garbage)

    Feeling a little beat up, but went through it without timing

  18. Today I fell flat on my face… totally humbled. Left shoulder did not feel right…

    Warm up and Skill Progression completed.

    Squat: 230x1x4, 260x4x4
    Snatch: 115x1x4, 130x1x4 (second set i couldnt get a rep to save my life… couldnt drop down into the bottom position)
    Snatch Pulls: 160x1x3, 175x3x3
    Push Press: This is where the train came off the tracks… last week I hit 195x3x5… today the most I did was put 185 up for 4…. it was this point I looked at myself in the mirror called myself a few names… and decided to fold my hand.

    EC: Attempted… 2 rounds… no gas and i ran out of time…

    Ill be eating like a beast today and tonight and adding it in for tomorrows work.

  19. just joined the team, this was my first experience with field strong training and I’m very excited to continue training.

  20. @Daniel I live right down the road from you probably. I’m off Raeford Rd … Been doing FS at Fredericks/Tucker on Bragg. What gym are you using right now? … Still working on my end to complete the home gym.

  21. Warm up and skill done.

    Squat 4*4 @ 120 kg
    Snatch @ 40 50 60 kg
    Snatch pull 3@65 3*3@ 90 kg
    Push press 3*5@ 60 kg

  22. I’m going to be a trainer at CF Raeford off of Lindsey Rd in Raeford. I just moved here Monday so I am familiarizing myself with the area again. I haven’t even been on base.

  23. PA2
    Squat: 4@225, 4×4@260.
    Snatch: 4@95, 2×4@115. Might have had a breakthrough with these? I’ve been struggling hard with a full snatch but today they felt easy so I tried 115 and got the reps with no problems.
    Snatch Pulls: 3@155, 3×3@175
    Push Press: 3×5@170

    EC: 11:23. rounds 10-6 done on rings, rest on bars

  24. Thanks @john for the link!

    WU, skill- done
    Squat- 225/255
    Snatch- 135/155
    Snatch Pull- 185/205
    PP- 185
    EC: 13:31 with 45# plate slams and rings

  25. PA 1
    4×4 Squat – 123 kg
    Snatch 40 kg/45 kg/ 50 kg – Super poor shoulder stability today, felt pretty pathetic
    Snatch Pull – 55kg/3x 60kg
    PP – 3x 75kg

    EC: Rx @ 11:58

  26. Wow! That was intense. And I didn’t even get in EC.
    W/U 2x, Skill Transfer 3x
    BS 257.5
    snatch 115-125-135(-2)
    snatch pulls 145-155
    Push Press 155, kept the weight achievable as I was running tight on time.
    Looking forward to JS!

  27. Felt surprisingly good today.

    Squats @ 315# felt amazing so I jumped to 365#@4×4
    Snatch @ 135#, 2×4@ 150#
    Snatch pull @ 175#, 3×3 @ 225#
    Push press 3×5 @ 175# if anything the push press was the hardest today, probably should have hit 185.

    Dip,ball slam,true PU in a could minutes didn’t time, just pushed through it. Push ups and dips had me PUMPED!

  28. W/U: 2 rounds as Rx’d.
    Skill: as Rx’d. Hated the OHS here and in the warm-up.
    PA2: as Rx’d. Squats at 192# and 220#. Snatch at 108# and 115#. Snatch pulls at 125# and 137#. Push press at 157#.
    Extra: 14:11 w/ 40# ball slams. Underestimated this one. Started round of 6 at 3:35 and then my arms shut down.

  29. Warm: Just some banded walks

    Squats: 335×4, then 385 for 4×4
    Snatch: 185×4, then 210 for 2×4
    Snatch Pull: 235×3, then 255 for 3×3
    Push Press: 245 for 3×5

    No EC.

  30. PA2:
    Squats at 160#, 185#
    Full snatch at 80#, 90#
    Snatch pulls at 100#, 105#
    Push presses at 105#

    Squats felt great/easy. It’s like this shit works or something. 😉

  31. Oops snatch pulls at 100#, 110#

  32. Jason Gonzales

    PA 1 – HEAVY
    Squat 4×4 – 305#
    Snatch 4, 4, 4 – 95#, 115#, 135#
    Snatch Pull 3 (+10 lbs to last snatch) 155#, 3×3 (+20 lbs to last snatch) 175#
    Push Press 3×5 – 175#
    NO EXTRA CREDIT: I was to beat and I am flying home so I called it a day.

  33. Warm-up and Skill transfer

    Squat: 305/348 Felt fast
    Snatch: 155/175 First time hitting both sets of 85% Reps 3 and 4 really smoked the legs.
    Snatch Pulls: 195/215
    Push Press: 185

    EC: used rings with blue band assist/45 lb plate slams.

  34. Warm up and Skill completed.

    Everything felt heavy tonight.
    BS: 4×4@120
    Snatch Pull: 100k. Kept it lighter and worked technique. Timing was way off tonight.
    Push Press: 3×5@100k

  35. Squat 4 @ 245, 4×4 @ 285
    Full Snatch 4 @ 155, 2×4 @ 175
    Snatch Pull 3 @ 195, 3×3 @ 225
    Push Press 3×5 @ 185

  36. Mex

    Squats: 4@300, 4×4@345-that was a grind
    Snatch: 4@115, 2×4@130-thanks @cali, @brettom,@ingob for pointers
    Snatch Pulls: 3@155, 3×3@165
    Push Press: 3×5@190. Actually felt pretty strong here, but it was wicked hard

    No time for EC

  37. Warmup and skill transfer as Rx
    Squat 245 4X4
    Snatch 95,115,135 X4
    Snatch pull 145X3 155 3X3
    Press 135 3X5
    EC-later this evening

  38. PA 2 – HEAVY

    Squat 4 @ 70%, 225lbs 4×4 @ 80% 255lbs
    Full Snatch 4 @ 75%, 110lbs 2×4 @ 85% 125lbs
    Snatch Pull 3 @ 95%, 137lbs 3×3 @ 105% 152lbs
    Push Press 3×5 @ 85% 161lbs


    Complete 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

    Dips (bar or ring)
    50 lbs Ball Slams
    True Push Ups

  39. Oof, this was tough.


    Squats @ 100kg – first two sets were sluggish but then I think I managed to pick the speed up and finished strongly.

    Snatch @ 30kg – was tempted to go for a PR but will reign it in and trust in the process.

    Snatch Pulls @ 50kg

    Push Press @ 60kg

    EC in 8 mins 33 seconds w/ a 10kg med ball and KB push-ups.

  40. @john should I up the weight if I don’t feel as beat up as you describe? Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are as challenging as ever, but I can’t say I feel as beat up as some of the other athletes mentioned in their posts…quite the opposite – i feel strong as s**t! Could there be any downside to going a little bit heavier as long as I make all my reps?

    Love the programming, keep up the great work!

  41. Warm-up: Two times through.
    Skill transfer: Two times through.

    PA1 – Heavy:
    Back squat
    4×4 @ 111 kgs
    4s @ 45-50-60 kgs
    Snatch pull
    3 @ 65 kgs
    3×3 @ 70 kgs
    Push press
    3×5 @ 75 kgs

    Extra credit: 10 kg slam ball

  42. Correction:

    4s @ 50-55-60 kgs

  43. Warm up and skill transfer done
    PA 2 heavy
    Squat using 235#-275#
    Full snatch 135#-155#
    Snatch pulls 170#-190#
    Push Press 215# for two sets went down to 205 on the third bc of overextended low back.
    Ec done

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