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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 60

Is it hot in here or are we just warmed up from all the movement prep? Power Athlete Nation we have an awesome show in store for you this week as the coaches sit down and get an in depth perspective on how the new NPFL event went this past weekend from Professor Booty himself Steve Platek. He talks about everything from equipment to how athletes prepared for workouts. Not only that but we discuss the variations of the batman character over the years.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Opening And Intro
  • 1:50 Lets Get To The Meat And Potatoes
  • 2:23 NPFL With Professor Booty
  • 4:26 What Were You Expecting?
  • 6:25 Team Atmosphere And Insight To What's Next
  • 13:36 Did Field Strong Prepare You?
  • 15:15 What Did You Do For Movement Prep?
  • 17:21 Do You Even Prime The Pump?
  • 20:36 Is Your Chili Hot?
  • 22:56 Be Ready
  • 24:46 NPFL Injuries
  • 26:53 Dominance Phenomenon
  • 28:30 Generic Warm Up
  • 30:35 Uneducated Or Cocky?
  • 33:21 Are Professional Athletes Warming Up Properly?
  • 35:10 Kyphosis
  • 36:25 What Happens In Vegas
  • 37:30 UK Seminar Recap
  • 40:03 No Clock? Say Whaaaaaa? Move Perfectly
  • 43:55 Upcoming Certs
  • 45:16 Batman Nipples
  • 47:52 Superman
  • 52:11 Well Food Co. MRE
  • 54:38 Plugs, Upcoming Guests, And Closing

Show Notes

The deadlift Dr. himself Steve "Professor Booty" Platek representing at the NPFL


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Is it cold in here or is it just me?


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MS, CSCS A former collegiate baseball player that has coached in strength and conditioning for nearly a decade. He is currently training a wide range of college level field sport athletes as well as career firefighters. After experiencing the effective Power Athlete method himself, Levi became an intern assisting the crew at PAHQ.

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