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FIELD STRONG: 2014-07-04

Our 4th of the July training is a light day in terms of volume but with some intensity with a retesting of the deadlift. Before we get there, warm up with the progression and take advantage of the lateral plyos to vertical sprint. These should be getting easier as we have used them in the previous weeks. Once done, and you set a new 5 RM in the deadlift, I have some Jacked Street for...just in case you have plans later that involve lesser clothes.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July.


- 2-3 x

Inch Worm Hands Only – 10 reps
Cocky Walks – 10 yards
Butt Kicks – 10 yards
High Knees – 10 yards


- 5 x

Single Leg Lateral Hops to Sprint 10 yards – 5 reps RT
Single Leg Lateral Hops to Sprint 10 yards – 5 reps LT

Rest 90-120 seconds between sets. Use a hurdle height of 12-16″ for this. We want to keep the lateral movement in the program to keep you athletic. When picking a height for the hurdle, error on the side of a lower hurdle, as one too high won’t allow for reduced foot contact time. Take your time on between sets and reps, so you are explosive.


- 2-3 x

Clean Warm Up 1

For our warm up, we are focusing on the clean. As we have pulls and Deadlifts today.


Clean Pull 2 @ (10+ lbs over last set of 4 on clean), 2×4 @ (20+ lbs over last set of 4 on clean)
Deadlift 5 RM
Neutral Grip DB Bench 4 x max reps (work up each set to the heaviest set possible)


Clean Pull 2 @ 85%, 2 @ 95%, 2×4 @ 105%
4" Deficit DL 5 RM
Neutral Grip DB Bench 4 x max reps (work up each set to the heaviest set possible)



Chest Elevated Push Up on Bar – 100 reps

Every time you break, perform ten (10) parallel bar dips. Chest to hands, don't short the movement.


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16 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2014-07-04


    PA 1 – LIGHT
    Clean Pull 2 @ (10+ lbs over last set of 4 on clean) 215#, 2×4 @ (20+ lbs over last set of 4 on clean) – 225#
    Deadlift 5 RM – 415# (+10lbs over last LP)
    Neutral Grip DB Bench 4 x max reps (work up each set to the heaviest set possible) – 75# – 16 reps, 80# – 9 reps, 85# – 7 reps, 5 reps

    Chest Elevated Push Up on Bar – 100 reps – 40, 23, 22, 15
    Did 10 ring dips for each break.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. PA2-
    Pulls: 2@165-175 and 2×4@185
    DL: 5RM@285
    Press (makeup): 5@115-125-135(f5)

    Done. Happy 4th to those PAs celebrating.

  3. PA2
    Clean Pull – 205, 215, 235
    4″ deficit Deadlift 5rm – 335# pr!
    Neutral grip bench – 23@40#, 16@40#, 15@95# sandbag, 13@95# sandbag. I don’t have heavier dumbbells, so I pressed the sandbag. It was actually a great sub.

    Extra credit
    Took 6 rounds to complete. I didn’t complete any penalties, I think I would’ve died.

    Happy 4th America

  4. Plyo – done
    Clean pulls – 200-225-245-245
    Deadlift – 375 5rm
    Neutral DB bench – 20×40# 13×45# 10×50# 10×55#

    Happy 4th

  5. warm up, plyo rx’d
    clean pulls 275/305/335lbs
    4″deficit DL 5rM 455lbs, back feeling better today. tied PB I think.
    neutral DB 20@70lbs 15@80lbs 11@90lbs 7@100lbs
    EC completed rx’d 40-20-20-20

  6. Amber

    WARM UP: 3x Done



    P1 LIGHT:
    Clean pull 2@ 95# 2×4@ 105#
    Deadlift: 5RM@ 145 pr!
    Overhead press max 4x w/ 60 sec rest: 14/ 13/ 10/ 11

    EXTRA CREDIT: Chest Elevated PU on bar: 100 Done

  7. W/u, plyo, and clean warm up as rxd
    Clean Pulls – (265)(285)(285)
    Deficit DL 5Rm – (425) was my 3rm from over a month ago. Pretty damn happy with the progress from this cycle
    Neutral Bench – (70 for 17) (80 for 13)(90 for 8)(100 for 5). Great strength gain here.

    Ex credit took 3 stops. Looking forward to testing out 10,000lbs workout tomorrow since I’ll be outta a hotel gym and off work.

  8. PA 1
    Warm up/Skill Done
    Clean pull 2@90 kg 2*4@ 100
    Deadlift 5 RM @ 150 kg
    Close grip bench instead of neutral db bench. 21 reps @ 40 15@50 14@60 kg
    EC done under 4 minutes with 10 dips break.

  9. Away on vacation and on access to equipment.

  10. PA 2
    A few days behind this week.
    Clean pulls as required heaviest set 105 kg
    4″ deficit dead lift 5 x 210 kg ( 10 kg off my Pr)
    Dumbbell press @ 25 kg 27.5 kg and 2 x max at 30 kg
    Extra credit completed but did not do penalties

  11. Warm up/sprints/skill transfer as per.

    Clean Pulls – 100, 115, 130.
    4″ Def Deadlift 5rm – 205kgs. P Fucking R!!!!

    Rest of work this arvo. Helping run a coaching clinic for one of our National Basketball League Teams!!

  12. PJ

    WU, Skill & Sprint: Rx
    Clean Pulls: 2@75kg, 2×4@80kg
    DL: Put in a few sets @120kg then pulled the pin. Shoulder still shitting me
    DB Press: 16, 12, 9, 5

    EC: no time to complete

  13. Pre WU: Spider Man > vert, Capt Morgans – 3rds
    WU: no issues

    Plyos: did them laterally, meaning, after hops, turn & sprint. Repeat for other side. More sport-specific this way.

    Clean WU: no issues

    Clean pull: 2x @ 175/195#, 2×4 @ 215# (+5)
    DDL: 5x @ 355# (+10)

    NGDBB: 13x @ 50#, then @65#: 15/12/10 (+3 reps). Chris’ sandbag sub is a great idea that I will borrow next time.

    Chest Elev. PU – 3:27, 70/30, so 1 set bar dips.

  14. HRV was amber (64.5) today and after yesterdays great training day, I could feel it. Readiness was at an 8

    Warm Up: Row then yup
    Plyo: Yup
    Skill: Yup
    Clean Pull: 2@195, 2×4@205
    DL: 5RM@315 (-30). Not touch and go, didn’t let go of bar but slight reset, double overhand grip. Last 5RM @345 was touch and go, switch grip. Went for 335#, lost grip at lockout on 2nd pull. Changed to switch grip and it went down hill fro there.
    DB Bench: 65@30#, 40@35#, 21@40#, 18@50#

    All in all a decent day. A bit frustrated by my DL. I know I can go heavier because I have.

  15. Warm up, plyo+sprint & skill transfer: Rx’d

    PA 1 – LIGHT
    Clean Pull
    Warm up: 40kg, 60kg, 80kg. Work 2 @ 102.5kg, 2×4 @ 107.5kg

    Deadlift 5 RM
    Warm up: Pretty warm from clean pulls. 5x100kg, 5x120kg, 5x130kg, 5x140kg. Reset every rep, 3mins+ rest b/w sets, used overhand with straps for last two sets as hands are feeling it from the week’s work. Haven’t pulled deads in a few weeks. Still initiate pull with a slightly rounded lower back when it gets heavy.

    Neutral Grip DB Bench 4 x max reps (work up each set to the heaviest set possible)
    15kg DB x 21, 20kg DB x 15, 24kg KB x 10, 32kg KB x 6

    Extra Credit:
    Broke at rep 45 and rep 80. Did two sets of a muscle up into 10 strict ring dips as the parallel bars weren’t available.

  16. Joined a class and did open workout 15.1 today.

    129 reps + 100 kg C&J. Looking back I went way too easy on this one – might try it again.

    70-90-100 kgs
    1×1 @ 150 kgs

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