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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 64

Welcome to another stellar episode of Power Athlete Radio. This week the coaches get together to tackle myths of traditional strength and conditioning programs, as well as give incite to why the Field Strong Program is written the way it is. Spoiler alert, John also shares his secret of how he attained his strong and quick hands that helped him during his NFL career.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro And Opening
  • 0:42 Status Of Strength And Conditioning Coaches
  • 3:44 Expanding Classical Periodization
  • 6:29 Field Strong Testing
  • 13:27 Creation Of The 4's
  • 17:30 Some Feedback On The Program
  • 20:05 It Takes Time
  • 24:21 Movement Pleasing To The Eye
  • 27:00 Program Priority And Starting With The Basics
  • 20:44 Look Artistic, Not Grindy
  • 32:28 Too Much Sagittal Plane
  • 34:47 Speed Isn't Quickness
  • 37:30 Bloody Knuckles And Hot Hands
  • 42:06 Training Quickness
  • 43:25 Cali's Movement Demo Discussion
  • 46:13 Earn Your Carbs
  • 46:58 Just Sit Back
  • 49:47 Murray: More Testing Weeks?
  • 51:57 Updates On The Team Series
  • 56:02 Whats Coming Up And Tom Foolery

Show Notes

Ladies and gentlemen, head over to the Power Athlete HQ website and get your crew registered for the Team Series!

PA Team Series

Levi Garrett

MS, CSCS A former collegiate baseball player that has coached in strength and conditioning for nearly a decade. He is currently training a wide range of college level field sport athletes as well as career firefighters. After experiencing the effective Power Athlete method himself, Levi became an intern assisting the crew at PAHQ.

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