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FIELD STRONG: 2014-07-25

As I said on Tuesday, the day after the complex focuses on plyos and a short metcon. Make sure to take your time with the warm ups and iso-stability. This is where the money is made with the bigger movements. With the plyos, our goal is to reduce foot contact time on the lateral jump and have a smooth transition to the sprint. The sprint is 10 yards and is not meant to be hard. Think about landing on your 5th jump with an explosive transition to the sprint. Get hard a few yards and stride through the line. The sprint is more about the transition from the lateral movement than the actual sprint.


Banded Walks - 10 yards
Banded Reverse Walks - 10 yards
Banded Lateral Walks RT - 10 yards
Banded Lateral Walks LT – 10 yards


3 x

Ipsilateral Dead Bugs – 60 seconds
Alternating Reaching Hands Pillar Holds – 30 seconds


4 x

Manual Resistance Hamstrings + Dynamic Push Up - 4 reps
5 Single Leg Lateral Hops to Sprint (start on right) - 10 yard sprint
5 Single Leg Lateral Hops to Sprint (start on left) - 10 yards sprint

Rest 90 seconds

PA 1 & PA2

Complete as many sets of the following in 13 minutes as possible:

95/45 lbs Sandbag Walking Lunge – 20 yards
50/30 lbs Ball Slams - 10 reps
Pull Ups – 10 reps

For today, set a clock to count down from 13 minutes and work through as many sets of the complex as possible. The walking lunges with the sandbag are going to challenge your trunk, as make sure each step you are driving your head up and not just pushing through. For the pull ups, you can do strict or kipping. But if you do kipping, make sure to keep your head neutral and not reach with your chin.


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28 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2014-07-25

  1. WARM – UP / ISO / PLYO – Rx’d

    PA 1 & PA2
    3 rounds + 20 YD SBWL + 10 Ball Slams + 4 Pullups
    (100#SB, 50# Slam Ball, Pullups mix of strict and kip….was sucking wind during this one)

  2. Maria:
    Warm up and ISO as Rx’d (felt those dead bugs from yesterday)
    Plyo: used tractor tire to do GH raises since I didn’t have someone to hold
    Lateral hops: used 4 ” hurdle for 1st 2 sets, then used 8″ for last 2. I STRUGGLE with these, but had a minor breakthrough today… Thought about landing softly instead of thinking about hopping quickly. It helped
    3 rds. Used a 60 ish pound sandbag and a 50lb slam ball cause that’s all I had. Had 30 sec left after round 3, but couldn’t make myself pick up that sandbag

  3. WARM – UP: 3 Rounds
    ISO-STABILITY: 3 Rounds

    PLYOMETRICS: 4 rounds, with about a 4″ height this is still a weakness for me

    PA 1
    Used a 100lb sandbag, 40lb slam ball (need to buy a heavier one), and did fat bar strict pull ups. 3 Rounds + 5 Ball Slams

  4. THAT! Was fucking ridiculous. My lungs have never burned that bad…
    Uses a 110# sandbag and a 40# slam ball. Pull ups were strict.

    4 rnds plus 20yds.

  5. Warm up 2 rds, Iso Stab 3 rds
    Plyos 4x; 6″ hurdle but finally faster and more agile! @Maria, I think landing “softly” is key. Will use a higher one next time

    AMRAP: yea, that was bad. Felt fatigued from yesterday
    50# sandbag (only because do not have a 45), 30# slam ball and strict pull ups
    2 rds + the lunges, the slams and 8 pull ups
    Great overall balance this week; liked the 2 long heavy days followed by 2 shorter days.

  6. Legs felt heavy after yesterdays squats.

    – Banded Walk Complex

    – Ipsilateral Dead Bugs 8×5″
    – Alternating Reaching Hands Pillar Holds 6×5″

    – Manual Resistance Hamstrings + Dyn. Push ups x 4
    – 2x (Ninja Roll to Vert Jump + Prowler Push (light) 10m)*
    * No lat. hops nor sprinting to me. Torned ACL…

    – Weighted Pull Ups 1RM: 38kg (84#)
    – Strict Press 1x MAX REPS @85%: 8 reps @ 72kg (158#)

    AMRAP 13′: 5 rounds*
    – OH KB Carry Walking Lunges 10m/hand @2 pood.
    – Slam Ball x10@ 20kg (44#)
    – Pull-ups x10

    *My lungs also burned, thought it was dued to the heat here in Madrid but looks like everybody else had the same feeling.

  7. WARM – UP: 3 Rounds

    ISO-STABILITY: 3 Rounds

    PLYOMETRICS: 4 rounds, with about a 4″ height

    PA 1
    Used a 100lb sandbag, 40lb slam ball (need a heavier ball!), and did strict pull ups (pull ups are still a weakness for me. Anyone have any suggestions to better my pull ups?) 3 Rounds exact.

  8. warmup

    plyos demonstrated just how much work I need to do to fix my knees. Felt fine, just slow.

    4 rounds in 13 minutes of a modified metcon based on what was available.

  9. Omg!!!! I’m tired 5 rounds

  10. warm up iso plyo rx’d
    115lb sandbag, 40lb ball slam, strict PU
    7 rounds in just under 15 min. 6 rounds in 12:50
    did this one out in the rain. love it.

  11. Anyone willing to do a movement critique on these lateral hops?

  12. Nick Jensen – if you have Pro access, you can post your videos under “Hey PAHQ, Fix My Lift!”. Otherwise, you can post under Field Strong.

  13. Last day at the beach.
    Took the 135 sandbag for stroll and did a bunch of lunges in the sand.
    Feeling fresh and looking forward to getting under a heavy bar next week.

  14. Scratch that, video won’t load.

  15. PA2
    3 rounds + 10 ball slams.
    I used a 40# ball for slams. I used a 95# sandbag for the first two rounds, that destroyed me. Had to use the slamball for the final two. Wishing I had a 65-70# bag for stuff like this.

  16. Feeling pretty beat up today.

    Completed 4 RDs + Lunges + 4 slams. (Used a 75# Log for the lunges.)

    Definitely taking John up on the stretch and rest option tomorrow.


    PA 1 & PA2
    Complete as many sets of the following in 13 minutes as possible:
    95/45 lbs Sandbag Walking Lunge – 20 yards
    50/30 lbs Ball Slams – 10 reps
    Pull Ups – 10 reps

    5 rounds + 20 yds, 10, & 8.

  18. Warm up, iso, plyo RX

    Amrap 12 min
    5 + 20 yards
    30 kg lunges
    14 kg ball slams
    Strict pull ups

  19. Great day. I really love the banded walks. They seem to be doing wonders for me; that and the hip board thingy.

    Metcon: I subbed OHS at 70kg for the sandbag lunges, because that’s more sport specific for me: got 5 or 6 rounds. I was delirious. Something about ball slams and pull-ups together is absolutely crushing.

  20. I forgot to post yesterday!
    But Warm-up: Done
    ISO: didn’t have time today
    PLY & PA2: Done, my legs are wrecked but it was fun. PU felt like cake.

  21. Warm -up, Iso, and Plyo: As Rx’d.
    PA2: 4 rounds + 4 ball slams. Used a 40# slam ball.

  22. ISO-STABILITY: 3 Rounds
    PLYOMETRICS: 4 rounds, with about a 4″ height
    PA 1
    Used barbell with 95# and 20lb slam ball mix of strict and kipping pull ups

  23. 010814

    Warm Up and Plyos done. No training partner today so did full GHR’s instead of manual GH lowers.

    Oly Work
    Snatch Pull + Snatch
    5 sets @ 84kg

    Clean & Jerk
    5 sets @ 105kg

    4 Rounds + 13 yards
    40kg Sandbag, 40lb Slam Ball, Butterfly pullups
    Went unbroken on the first round of lunges, then 10 + 10 on the rest.
    Slam Ball unbroken but slow.
    Pullups unbroken.

  24. AM: 1 hour outrigger paddling sprints

    PM: Metcon 4 rnds rxd.

  25. PJ

    Today was all about quality of movements (even more than usual)

    Warm Up, Iso & Plyo’s: Rx but had to sub man resistance hamstrings for GHR

    Conditioning: 3 rounds plus lunges, slams & 1 pull up

    Damn that sandbag brought back memories. Ouch.

  26. Eurgh.

    Used racked KBs as no sandbag today. One 24kg and one 16kg so it was uneven and a bit unpredictable.

    Only got a 10kg slam ball available so did 20 reps.

    4 rounds + 15 slams then 5 minutes of lying on the ground. So much tougher than it looked!

  27. Well something is afoot at the Circle K.

    Warm: Yup
    Iso: Yup
    Plyo: Yup
    PA1 Scaled to
    40# Slamball
    Ring Rows

    4 Rounds plus 8yards

    Another reality check with a kick in the nuts. Bravo!

  28. Warm ups, Iso & Plyos: Rx’d

    Used a 45kg/99lbs Slam Ball for lunge & 40lbs for ball slams. Pull ups all done strict.
    3 rounds + 20yrds lunge. No wedding step at all!

    Found it tough to breath in this on.

    COOL DOWN (Added)
    2 x
    30 sec each leg
    Hamstring Stretch
    Samson stretch
    Glutes stretch

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