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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 66

Power Athlete Nation, it's been a wild past two weeks! PA Radio Episode 66 recaps all the craziness that has gone on including the Crossfit Games, results from the Field Strong testing, and answering some of the questions posted in our forums. We also get an inside look at the thought going in to the next FS cycle. Throw the ear buds in and get ready for some knowledge bombs!

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Opening And Intro
  • 1:24 The Grid
  • 4:15 Cryo Box
  • 6:30 Exhibition Match Recap
  • 10:20 The Specialists
  • 12:45 Mental Errors
  • 15:00 Coach Involvement And Athlete Response
  • 21:20 There's No I In Team
  • 25:50 Cert's, Shirt's, And Vert's
  • 27:17 Baseline For FS And Vert Results At The Games
  • 36:15 Meet And Greet At The Games
  • 37:21 Portillo's
  • 39:51 Surprises At The Games
  • 40:53 John Pulled A Hammy
  • 44:47 Athletes That Pulled Out
  • 47:41 Dave Smith: Opinion Of Active Rest
  • 53:30 Next FS Cycle
  • 58:28 Are You Engaged?
  • 1:02:38 Apache CF: Pre Practice/Game Warm Up
  • 1:08:38 Antics
  • 1:10:04 Denny At HQ
  • 1:11:33 Plugs And Shenanigans
  • 0:00 Timeline Element....

Show Notes

An example of what not to do for warm ups as explained by Tex while answering Apache CF's question of how to get athletes bodies ready for practice and game.

Levi Garrett

MS, CSCS A former collegiate baseball player that has coached in strength and conditioning for nearly a decade. He is currently training a wide range of college level field sport athletes as well as career firefighters. After experiencing the effective Power Athlete method himself, Levi became an intern assisting the crew at PAHQ.

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