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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 68: Dr. Fred Hatfield

Power Athlete Nation we have a special guest with us this week, Dr. Fred Hatfield. He was dubbed Dr. Squat by one of his students, probably because he squated over 1,000 lbs! Episode 68 is all about speed and how to recruit the muscle fibers in order to do so. John also recalls a story about former NFL vet Lyle Alzado and the crew discusses various strength protocols. You don't want to miss this, crank up the volume and enjoy.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro And Opening
  • 2:46 Reaching Out For Knowledge
  • 8:50 Speed Is King
  • 14:53 How Long Does It Take To Learn Motor Recruitment
  • 19:44 Pedal To The Metal
  • 20:28 How Do You Get Speed Out Of The Hole
  • 24:33 Game Time Activation
  • 26:58 How To Teach Activation
  • 29:50 Tendo Unit
  • 31:10 Performance Vs. Chasing Numbers
  • 32:28 Confidence
  • 34:22 Passion
  • 37:11 Was Age A Factor?
  • 43:00 Did You Pass Down The Gift?
  • 44:08 The 7 Laws
  • 56:14 When Do You Start Plyos?
  • 1:00:37 In Love With Numbers
  • 1:03:45 Bar Speed
  • 1:05:29 Progressive Overload
  • 1:09:14 Bulgarian System
  • 1:12:08 Specificity Of Movement
  • 1:14:38 Lyle Alzado
  • 1:16:02 The Dr.'s Vitals
  • 1:18:12 Define Athleticism
  • 1:22:52 Its Technique, Not Weight
  • 1:24:07 Compensatory Acceleration
  • 1:24:54 Closing

Show Notes

Dr. Fred Hatfield showing us how to get out of the hole with 1,008 lbs.

Levi Garrett

MS, CSCS A former collegiate baseball player that has coached in strength and conditioning for nearly a decade. He is currently training a wide range of college level field sport athletes as well as career firefighters. After experiencing the effective Power Athlete method himself, Levi became an intern assisting the crew at PAHQ.

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6 Responses to Power Athlete Radio – Episode 68: Dr. Fred Hatfield

  1. Here is a link to the 7 Laws of Training Dr. Hatfield discusses: 7 Laws

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  3. Is it wrong that the tirade on Crossfit was perhaps my favorite part?

  4. Maybe the most legit squat ever…

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  6. Brian Bowers

    Re: measuring velocity/power: I used a stopwatch on some deadlifts, measured the distance traveled, and calculated velocity and power; however, that is not reliable measurement. I’m thinking about trying Vernier Video Physics ($5) for iOS. Anyone with any experience on that or a similar app?

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