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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 70: Chyna Cho & Freddy Camacho

Power Athlete Nation, once again the Crew over at HQ has brought in yet another amazing dynamic duo to join us on Episode 70. Chyna Cho and Freddy "The Director Of Fun" Camacho stop by to give us the inside scoop of the 2014 Crossfit Games and how it has changed since Chyna's first appearance in 2010. Freddy and Chyna are long time friends of the PA staff so they reminisce on the days of old and get updated on what's new with this amazing couple.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro And Opening
  • 2:25 Important Power Athlete Team Series Update
  • 3:30 Chyna And Freddy
  • 4:33 Ingo B Asks Freddy
  • 7:17 Chyna's Experience At The 2014 Crossfit Games
  • 12:17 Approach To The Games
  • 15:50 How To Support Your Spouse/Partner
  • 17:44 Wild Regionals Story
  • 21:57 Freddy's Spectator Nerves
  • 23:10 The Swimming Event
  • 27:11 Chyna's Favorite Workout At The Games
  • 28:30 How Does Everyone Else Warm Up?
  • 31:51 Something To Consider
  • 35:15 Have You Started Prepping For 2015?
  • 37:47 Crossfit Fremont And The Programming/Coaching
  • 43:33 Accomplishments Can Be Subtle
  • 46:19 Training Program For 2015?
  • 49:43 Wedding Bells
  • 52:13 New Venture
  • 53:32 PAHQ Experiments
  • 59:32 Shout Outs And Supplements
  • 1:01:26 The Most Important Useless Info
  • 0:00 Timeline Element....

Show Notes

Stay up to date with Crossfit Games Competitor Chyna Cho on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you're in the NorCal area make sure you stop by their gym Crossfit Of Fremont.

Chyna And John

You can also follow Freddy "The Director Of Fun" on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  And if you want to know what songs pump The Director of fun up the most, check out his playlist on our Spotify account:

Freddy Camacho

Remember the PATS has been changed to a 1 day event! Get your butts over to the Registration page and sign your team up!


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