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Power Athlete Radio – Episode 71: Tom Kanavy

What do you get when you bring John Welbourn and his old strength coach together? Pure DEBAUCHERY! This week the Power Athlete Crew has fun sitting down and talking shop with Legendary NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy on Episode 71. They discuss interesting topics like program design, how big of an impact Gatorade plays in the NFL, and Tom's fingerless green gloves. Sit back and enjoy while these guys hash out the stories of yesteryear.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro And Opening Metallica Story
  • 4:12 Tom Kanavy
  • 7:00 Let's Talk Percentages
  • 10:05 Sean: D-3 Vs. D-1 S&C
  • 16:13 The John And Tom Connection
  • 20:15 How To Monitor Recovery
  • 24:52 I Got Your Back
  • 34:32 Pro Warm Up Routine
  • 41:48 How Big Is The S&C Staff And The Intern Situation
  • 43:58 From Miami To The Big Show
  • 47:45 College Vs. Pro Characters
  • 49:11 Gaaatttooooorrraaaddddeeeee
  • 1:02:11 Welbourn Friday Ritual
  • 1:04:36 Darwin Walker
  • 1:07:25 NFL Training Days
  • 1:11:38 Lifting Philosophy
  • 1:14:09 Understanding The Physiology
  • 1:17:39 Find Out What Works
  • 1:19:40 Jared Allen
  • 1:2407 Multiple Personalities
  • 1:24:50 What's Your Tune?
  • 1:32:05 Debaucherous Activity
  • 1:41:48 Closing

Show Notes

Legendary Strength & Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy throwin out knowledge bombs!


Tom Kanavy's "shake the plates and build some animals" mix:

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