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FIELD STRONG: 2014-10-11

For today, we have three options. Option one entails jumping, pulling and conditioning. Option 2 is putting your SPP today at the forefront. So if you have run, ruck, climb, hike, swim or train for anything that is coming up, today is the make it a priority. Option 3 is an active rest day. If you are smoked from the last 9 weeks of training, take another active recovery day.

Whatever option you choose, follow it up with our drink of the week selected by Luke Summers. If you didn't know, Friday was Luke's birthday. Feel free to wish him a happy birthday and shower him with memorabilia from FRIENDS the TV Show. He is a big Ross fan and loves all this FRIENDS.

Mezcal Mule


2 oz. Oaxacan mezcal
1/2 oz. Lime juice
4 oz. Ginger Ale
Lime wedge


Add into a copper mug, add mezcal to the add. Follow that with ginger ale and lime juice. Finish up with a lime wedge.


3 x

Empty Bar Snatch Grip DL – 5 reps
Empty Bar Snatch Pull – 5 reps
Empty Bar Power Snatch – 5 reps
Empty Bar Snatch Grip PP – 5 reps
Empty Bar Overhead Squat – 5 reps
Strict Pull Ups – 5 reps
Run 100 meters (easy pace)


Seated Box Jump – 1 RM

Take about 4-5 sets to find your 1 seated box jump. I want the box at a height to when you are seated that the top of your leg is parallel to 1" above parallel to the ground.

4-Stage Pulls

5 x

The following combination lift of four movements that are combined to make up one rep. Perform a set of 3 reps per set.

1. Snatch Grip DL from the floor to bottom of the knee, return bar to the floor.
2. Snatch Grip DL from the floor to hip height, return bar to the floor
3. Perform a Snatch Pull from the floor to full extension, return the bar to the floor.
4. Perform a Power Snatch.

Work up the heaviest set possible. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets.

This is a combination of snatch grip DL, high pull and Power Snatch. Remember to complete 3 reps of the combination lift to count one set.

Complete as many sets of the following as possible in 10 minutes:

Pull Ups - 5 reps
Push Ups - 10 reps
40-50 lbs Ball Slams - 10 reps

This is the CFFB/PA version of Cindy. Since we don't really need the air squat messing with our CAT, we are going to use a slam ball instead.


SPP Training

This is your opportunity to get out of the gym and address your SPP training. This might include playing hops, hitting the trails, picking up your lacrosse stick, or training for that adventure race that is coming up. Anything that allows you to address you sport specific needs is what is on the agenda for today.

Option 3

Active Recovery

3 x

4 Way Dead Bugs - 30 seconds
CPT Morgan with Vertical Support - 20 reps (10 RT/ 10 LT)
Scap Pull Up Hold with Hip Twist - 10 reps
Spiderman Complex to Horizontal Rotation - 10 reps
Static Pillar Holds - 30 seconds


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4 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2014-10-11

  1. Option 3

    :45 ride on the air dyne and then the mobility work.

  2. Happy birthday Luke!! I baked you some gf cupcakes but you have to Tampa to get them. Never would have pegged you for a Friends fan?

  3. Ross. I am still laughing.

  4. Really busy today, not much time.

    Rowed 2k in 7:59 (PR). I’ll take it.

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