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FIELD STRONG: 2014-10-20

We find ourselves at our deload week. The last 9 weeks have been focusing on compensatory acceleration training for our primary lifts. The reasoning behind the CAT is to teach speed on the lifts, so you may take that same speed gained out of the gym. Many people can never translate what they do in the weight room to the field, pitch, ice or chosen field of battle. I believe it is because people tend to move slow and careful in the weight room, but real life competition is anything but slow and careful. Therefore, their training is not indicative of the real life demands. CAT will always be a foundational principal in the PAHQ training, but in true PAHQ fashion, we going to keep pushing the strength, speed and conditioning.


20 minutes of easy to moderate pace on an Assault Bike/C2 Rower/ or easy walk around the neighborhood.

I just need you to warm up your body and CNS with some easy movement for 20 minutes. Just use whatever is convenient to you.


6 x

Alternating Contralateral Dead bugs – 30 seconds
5 sec Side Pillar Hold Hip Drop and Reach RT – 5 reps
5 sec Side Pillar Hold Hip Drop and Reach LT – 5 reps

Squat Prep:

Strict Pull Ups + 1 second hold at top - 3 x max reps

The goal is full range of motion and max reps. Think slow and controlled with a 1 second pause at the top of each pull. Rest as needed between each set to get the max out each movement.

PA 1 & PA 2

Death by Back Squat


1 back squat the first minute, 2 back squats the second minute, 3 back squats the third minute and so on...till you can't complete the required reps during the minute.

For this workout, use your head. I want you to use body weight or 225 lbs, which ever is more. Now if you can only squat 225 lbs for a few reps and think you might only get 3 minutes in, then adjust accordingly. Pick a weight that is challenging that you can get better than 6 minutes. Don't pick a weight like an empty bar where you can get 20+ minutes. I want you to get some volume after all the low rep speed work we have done.


2 x

Elevated Single Arm KB RDLs – 20 reps (10 RT/ 10 LT)
Active Hamstring Stretch w/ banded assist RT – 20 seconds
Active Hamstring Stretch w/ banded assist LT – 20 seconds
Vertical Column Side Stretch RT – 20 seconds
Vertical Column Side Stretch LT – 20 seconds


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John Welbourn is CEO of Power Athlete and Fuse Move. He is also creator of the online training phenomena, Johnnie WOD. He is a 9 year veteran of the NFL. John was drafted with the 97th pick in 1999 NFL Draft and went on to be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2003, appearing in 3 NFC Championship games, and for starter for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004-2007. In 2008, he played with the New England Patriots until an injury ended his season early with him retiring in 2009. Over the course of his career, John has started over 100 games and has 10 play-off appearances. He was a four year lettermen while playing football at the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric in 1998. John has worked with the MLB, NFL, NHL, Olympic athletes and Military. He travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition for Power Athlete. You can catch up with John as his personal blog on training, food and life, Talk To Me Johnnie and at Power Athlete.
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31 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2014-10-20

  1. Im weigh 170. I am still on PA1 and just recently hit 260 for 5, should I do the 225? Or go like 205? I feel like i could probably go balls out and hit the 225 for atleast 6 mins, but will def feel it for a couple of days. Thoughts?

  2. @nick41, I weigh 180, hit a 1RM of 285# last week, and I’ll be using 185#. Around minute 8-9 it will get spicy for me, even at that weight. It’s delist week. I want lots of reps with perfect form. 6 minutes is 21 reps total in that time frame. You’ll feel it even at 205. Just my opinion.

  3. Warm up – complete
    Iso-Stability – complete

    Squat prep – 16/11/10

    Death by squat; BW 170, used 225
    9 minutes + 4 reps = 49 reps total
    Legs are feeling it something fierce.

    Cool down – complete

  4. Warm-up: 20 minutes on the mountain bike around town

    Iso: no problem

    Squat Prep x10, 10, 11

    Squat @ 225 x 9 full rounds

    Cool Down: complete

    Woke up this morning wrecked. Didn’t realize how much the testing week kicked my ass. Glad to have a deload week.

  5. WU: Rowed for 10 min. (2:05) 500m pace/Walked it off for the next 10min

    ISO: Did 4 RDs

    Squat Prep: 10x, 7x, 6x

    Squat @ 100kg – 7 full rounds + 6 reps – Felt weak here. Should have had at least 8 rounds
    (BW 185)

    Stretched it out afterwards ..

  6. Warm up: 20 min on rower, nice and easy
    Iso stab 4x
    Squat prep: 6/6/5
    Death by Squat
    BW is 120#, new 1rm is 180#, used 130# 7 full rounds
    Cool down completed
    Perfect volume and amount. Ready for a deload

  7. I can attest to applying the CAT training to the ice (hockey) and seeing positive results. My acceleration has improved dramatically and I feel twice as fast now as I did during my summer league. The CAT training, along with all of the sprint prep/plyo work has helped my stride tremendously. Stops/starts have become more powerful and have allowed me to close the gap on attackers much faster. Looking forward to the next cycle!

  8. Between test week and my own SPP training on Saturday, I was also a wreck on Sunday. Throw in travel for work, and I was hurting all day.

    Warm up 20 min row
    ISO STABILITY as rxd

    SQUAT PREP – 13, 12 , 13

    DEATH BY SQUAT – 225lbs, made it to 15 rounds. Could also call that jacked street for the glutes haha.

    Cool down as rx’d. In Vegas for work all week, De load couldn’t have come at a better time.

    I didn’t get to post on Saturday, but a testent to the CAT training; tested myself on 10,000 POUNDS test (from crossfit football), shaved a solid 2 minutes off my time. The 9 week cycle didn’t help me increase my maxes as much as it made me totally dominate the rxd weight for the 10,000 POUNDS test. (365 squat, 455 deadlift, 185 clean and press). I can also see gains in my double kettlebell snatches, hitting double 88 pound bells for 4 reps. ( a good test of acceleration and “reflexive strength” Thanks again @john for the fantastic programming !

  9. PA2
    ISO stability-check
    Squat prep: left hand alt grip-4, right hand alt grip-5, double fish hook -5
    Death by @113kg
    8 complete rounds. Felt like straight up conditioning! See you tomorrow.

  10. Warmed up with E Caf (10x- 1:00 row; 1:00 rest) at a decent pace but not all out.

    Chins: 9/7/6
    Squats: Done @ 195 (bw 180). 7 rounds

  11. Gavin,

    Hey thanks for the input!

  12. Mex

    Warm up: 20 min on the bike, low tension.

    Pull ups: 10/8/6

    “Death by Squat”: Rxd @225# (205bw).
    13 rounds even. No mas!

  13. Mex

    @kcampion11. Well done at 15 rds damn! I hear ya on jacked street

  14. Warmups:
    Biked for 6:30 then ran through tackling drills with Amanda for 15mins. Then played catch with the football for about 5:30. Glad we could make up our own warmup today 🙂
    ISO work✅
    Squat Prep: 5-5-6
    Death by Squat:
    7 full rounds +4reps
    BW is 148 and I used 210 for the workout.
    Mentally fell apart on the last set. I should have had 8.

    Cool down ✅

  15. Death by squats- 9 rounds +5 reps @100kg

  16. Thanks @coachwarren12, although my body is really happy for a Deload week

  17. warm up as rx’d
    iso as rx’d
    Pulls 10/12/11
    8 rounds even at 225# (last time 7rds+4)
    cool down as rx’d

  18. PA2

    Pullups – 7, 8, 8

    Squats – 6 rounds @ 225#. Just exhausted coming into today.

  19. PA1

    Pullups- 13, 11, 9

    Squats: weigh 170, used 185#, 8 complete rounds, round 9 completed 6 reps.

  20. Pull-ups: 10,7,9.
    Squats @ 185#. 6 rounds + 3 reps.

    I think my body is desiring a de more than a load. 🙂

  21. Anthony Rodriguez

    Surgery in 7 weeks for my knee, will try to do all the warm up stuff on mondays and thursday ,but out of commission for squatting and other things until either my knee gets better or it gets a little stronger before surgery. Everything Rx’d

  22. Squat Prep:
    7 / 6 / 7

    Death by Sq:
    BW 205, did 225, finished 7 + 5

  23. Pull ups 20/17/18

    Death by squats:
    @225# 7 + 3

  24. Death by squat:
    BW 175, did 225 – 12 round and I was destroyed.

  25. Back at it after missing all of last week except Monday… combination of writing 2 long ass papers for school, working 2 jobs, and in turn making myself sick from lack of sleep during the week.

    20 Min Airdyne, HR at 160 steady the whole time
    Iso work: Complete
    Strict Pull Ups w/ 1 sec pause: 8,8,7
    ^Concentrated on a slow eccentric and explosive concentric

    Death by Squat (This is where I felt last week)
    225# @ 5 Rounds (BW 165)

    Cool Down: done, did it

  26. Death by Squat: 255# 8 complete rounds plus 5 reps in the 9’s

  27. Completed day after 2 day training camp…so was already shattered.

    Iso and warm up done.

    Squat prep

    Death by Squats @ 100kg: 8 and 1. Legs were fine just nutted after a big weekend.

    Cool down done.

  28. Warmup: 10 mins on rower (2.3 km)

    PUs: 9/5/4

    Death by squat at 225#: 9 mins. Feeling it in my hips but the CAT was key in those last few mins.

  29. Pull ups:10-10-7
    Death by sqaut: 8 min @225lbs
    I weigh 210lbs

  30. O.

    Warm-up/Iso as rxd
    Pull-ups: 10-6-5
    Death by Back Squat: 10+1 @ 225lbs (bodyweight 185lbs)
    Cool-down as rxd

  31. Warm up and ISO done.
    Did the pull ups focused more on the shoulders and retraction than anything else, just did them until I felt warm. Couple rounds, 6-8 at a time.

    Death by back squat.

    11 rounds plus 6 reps. Could not and still can not walk after that. Not sure how some of you guys got 13 rounds..?

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