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FIELD STRONG: 2015-01-16

Friday is another fun upper body ass kicking, so get ready for it. I want you to warm up as needed and hit some heavy doubles in the press. From there we have some pre-plyo conditioning work with explosive push ups and static holds. Then we get to the plyo work that has vertical pulls, push ups and dips. Try to crush it as always. Then I have hammer time coming back for another appearance because "there was a fire fight!". If you don't know the reference or the movie, punch yourself a few times in the gut and watch the clip.


2-3 x

Inch Worm Hands Only – 10 reps
Pillar to Plank Press Up – 10 reps
empty bar Strict Press – 10 reps

Warm up those shoulders and get ready for to press heavy doubles.

PA 1 & PA 2

Strict Press 2 RM, 1 x max reps @ 80% of 2 RM

We hit those clusters last week, so you should have an idea of what you want to hit for a double rep max. Once you find it, I want one set of max reps @ 80% of that heavy double. How many sets should you take to get up to your 2 RM? 4-6 sets. When doing heavy on press, I find 4-6 sets gets me right where I need to be.

4 x

Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up - 4 reps
10 sec Handstand hold + 3 sec controlled eccentric HSPU

Take 90 seconds rest between sets. I wanted to pull the explosive rebound push ups out of plyo work as I believe them to be very important for power. Make sure you are good and warmed up before attempting these. The static hold in the overhead position is just to make sure your shoulders are strong and stable.


Complete as many sets of the following as possible in 12 minutes:

Strict Pull Ups - 5 reps
Deficit Push Ups – 10 reps
Parallel Bar Dips – 10 reps

For this...we are getting some volume with the pull ups, deficit push ups and dips. Think about getting those hands to your chest on each movement if you can. Try to hammer this out. We are not adding EMS to it today.


5 x

Hammer Curls – 10 reps
Lateral Banded Side Shoulder Raise RT – 30 second hold + 15 reps
Lateral Banded Side Shoulder Raise LT – 30 second hold + 15 reps

We had some much fun with “hammer time” last week, that I am bringing it back for another. I find supersetting it with the shoulder work makes for a happy day.


Calves | Standing | Dynamic | Strength Protocol | Level 3 | Intensity: As much as you can tolerate

We are using the resistance protocol on the calves. Do this from a standing position with the calves stretched; put the Compex on level 3 with no warm up is needed and crank the unit up as high as you can tolerate.

Set the protocol and get it where it is firing. When the program is on, I want you doing standing calve raises. When the program hits rest or off, rest with the calves in the stretched position. You can use a wood block or angle or stack a few plates so you can get the stretch. Continue till the program hits ~9 minute mark and the on/off stops and are left with the activation or constant buzzing.


Use the following code for 10% off:


As always, if you have any question on the Compex and EMS, hit me up in the forums about it. I will answer any questions you might have.


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28 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2015-01-16

  1. @leahk, beat mode in the last thread. Nice job with the jumps and the cleans!

  2. Warm up – done

    Press 2rm – 185 failed at 195 – 7 reps at 145 (80%)

    Depth pushup to exp. rebound done. (No handstand)
    I’ve always had issues with handstands to the point where I just stopped doing them all together. I need to start doing those static holds again.

    Plyo – 5rnds. Dips were my limiting factor

    EC – 30lb hammer curls.
    I’ll do the compex this afternoon after work.

    Great movie @john I hope if they make #3 it’s better than 2 was.

  3. 2 rm @85kg, 10 reps @67.5kg
    Plyo: Splitted the last rnd dips in 2x 5reps to make full rom in all reps.
    All else done well.
    Compex workouts doing well, long one today, great feeling now, calfes probably crying tomorrow.

  4. Warm up x2

    Press 2rm @49k
    *tried 50k twice and only got 1rep.
    1xmax rep@39k: 11rps

    4 depth PU 2rebound (plate stack height 9 3/4″ )
    :10 hold w/3sec eccentric hspu

    12min AMRAP
    3+20 reps
    *finished the last 5 Dips after 12passed jst for fun. The push-ups to dips kicked my ass. Was able to get every pull-up set unbroken though.

    Extra Credit:
    5x lateral banded side shoulder raises only.
    Gonna rest an hour then try Power Cleans… Wish me luck!

  5. Bike Ride to gym, and Warm Up as Rx’d

    PA 2 STRICT PRESS – PR Today. Hit 195, then 200 for 1.5. Dropped to 155 for 11. Shoulders on fire, but felt great today.
    DEPTH PUSH UP AND REBOUND – 4 Bumper plates
    10 SEC HOLD W/ SEC ECENTRIC – Freestanding handstands, followed by 3 second drop. 4 sets

    12 min AMRAP PLYO CONDITIONING – Lost count on rounds, but again felt nice and fresh today

    E/C – 60 lbs dumbells, blue band work.

    COMPEX – CALVES. Did these last Friday, and I was sore until Monday. Hopefully not so much this time? Skiing Mammoth Mnt. tomorrow, may slow me down a bit, haha

  6. Warm up x 2

    Press 2RM 75# x 1 then fail; got pissed off–my press hasn’t gone up in 5 years, took the weight down to 72.5 looked the bar right in the center knurling and called it a SOB (out loud) and got 2 reps. Rested and put 75# back on the bar w/ the same approach and got it!
    Kept w/ the tradition and 60# x 11
    Maybe I should try anger more often

    depth pu to expl rbd x 4 (used 3 plates ea side)
    HS hold + neg
    I loved those. By taking the 90 s I was able to do all 4 reps with some power. That is the closest I will ever come to looking similar to @ruller2a in a demo

    Plyo Cond: 4 rds + 2 pull ups. Yep, dips were limiting factor
    EC: none today, I’m already “hammered”

    @chelseylfl good luck with your power cleans! And your back will heal and your box jump height will soar but be smart — took me decades to realize that about “tweaks”:)

  7. warm up – 2X

    Strict Press 2RM – 155
    7 reps @ 125
    Depth push up to explosive rebound up – 4 plates, felt awesome
    10 sec handstand hold w/eccentric lower – complete

    8 full rounds completed in 12 minutes…chest was on fire

    EC – complete w/4olb DBs and thin black band. shoulders were dying by the end.

  8. ya know why? cuz he’s smaaaart. he knows the guy w/ the bandages on his sass aint going nowhere… where you goin?? fuckin NOWHERE

    epic movie.

    thanks for pumping the calves – need to do something about these chicken legs

  9. PA2
    2RM Strict Press @ 235lbs that’s a new pr
    Max reps @ 185lbs – 12 reps

    Plyo conditiong
    10 rounds plus 1 pull up

    Completed everything else

  10. Warm up: 2 times.
    Strict press 2s up to 135#, then 10 reps at 108#.
    4 rounds of push-ups/eccentric HSPU combo.

    Did this during lunch break, will attempt to squeeze in Plyo and EC after work today. Gotta see American Sniper this evening with the Mrs.

  11. Mex

    Bike X 5

    Warm ups X 3

    Press 2RM: 175#. Max reps @ 80%= 140X 13
    Depth rebounds and holds/negs done. Spicy

    Plyo/Cond: 6+15.

    EC 3 RD’s + 10 hammers (50’s)

    Go Pats

  12. WU: done.

    1) “Diane” 21-15-9 reps for time of 225# deadlifts and HSPUs: 4:something
    rest 1:1, then
    2) Power Clean and Power Jerk EMOM: 3 reps the first 4 minutes, 2 the next 4, 1 the next 4 minutes: start at 135 increase by 10 pounds (3 x 135, 145, 155, 165, 2 x 175, 185, 195, 205, 1 x 215, 225, 235, 245), then without rest
    3) dropped weight to 205 and did 2 power clean and power jerks EMOM for 7 minutes, then upped it to three for the last three minutes of a 10 minute EMOM
    *that was spicy and fun.
    PLYO CONDITIONING: 3 dips into round 7; I hit failure in my triceps…
    STATIC stretching cool down
    sunshine! 🙂

  13. WARM UP: 2x

    PA 2
    Strict Press 2 RM, 165lbs
    1 x max reps @ 80% of 2 RM 7 @132

    4 x
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up – 4 reps @15.5″ 
    10 sec Handstand hold + 3 sec controlled eccentric HSPU
    Take 90 seconds rest between sets. 

    5 + 1 pull up, dips slowed me down like usual had to break them into 5s 

    Was able to get in 3 rounds with 40lbs before having to coach

  14. And the rest…
    Plyo conditioning: 6 rounds + 5 pull ups. Chest screaming.
    Extra credit: 5 rounds. 35# DBs and green band.

  15. Stuck working out in the basement today for the first half of the day. The ceiling height won’t allow for overhead work. Wife came home in the middle of the workout (now the baby is her responsibility!) so I was able to get out in the garage for the plyos and extra credit. Good to get some fresh air training. 40 degrees today! First time pressing from a seated position. No back support.. just sitting. No clue how or if this translates to standing press.

    Warm-up x2
    PA-2 – subbed seated strict press
    2RM @ 175
    80% @ 140 x 7

    4x pre plyo complete

    Plyo Conditioning – 6 rounds + 18 reps

    EC – complete w/ 50# hammers

  16. 2x warmup
    Strict press 2rm 91kg, 73kgx7

    Depth push up to explosive rebound up x4
    :10 handstand hold + 3 second EC entric hspu

    Plyo conditioning: 5x
    5 strict pullups
    10 deficit push-ups
    10 dips
    7 Rounds
    No fire fight today!

  17. Press 2RM – 175#. I don’t have a previous pr for a 2rm. This is 10# under my 1RM.
    6 reps @ 140#. Not sure why this sucked so much.

    Plyo Conditioning
    7 rounds even.

    3 rounds. Shoulders begged for mercy.

  18. Press 2rm 195
    12 @ 160lbs

    Def & HS check

    Plyo: 6 + 15 ring dips with thin blue band
    EC chrck

  19. Thanx for the encouragement @paula 🙂
    Was able to get through a few power cleans today after my PT ‘massage’! Yay!! Just hit a PC @125lb and a HC @ 125lb as well. Didn’t wanna push it too much and glad those felt ok.
    And like a dumbass I did deficit push-ups w/a rebound for our plyo WOD rather than just deficit push-ups. Oopsy… I clearly did not have enough coffee this AM. Oh well, work is work!

  20. Thanks @gavin! Never done the seated box jump before. Hard balancing FS and conditioning training for the CF Open right now but doing my best. Today didn’t get in everything I wanted to do.

    Warm Up 2x (made all my CF classes I coached do this too!)
    5 rounds
    1 min max strict pull ups
    1 min max db hang squat clean thruster 35#
    1 min max cals on assault bike
    1 min max reps bench press 95#
    Totals: Pull ups-58; Thrusters-35; Bike-45 cals; Bench-51
    I am amazed at how much stronger I am with strict pulling and the bench score was good too!

    Really wanted to get in the FS Strict Presses but let time get away from me and had to coach my evening classes.

    Finished up the day with another conditioning piece:
    9X 1:40 on/ :20 off on C2 Rower, 2 min rest after rd.5
    I wrote down my splits but don’t remember them…it sucked!

    Looking forward to Monday as it’s the easiest day of my week to get in my FS workout!

  21. WARM UP: RX

    PA 2
    Strict Press 2 RM, 1 x max reps @ 80% of 2 RM
    185, 195(1) – 145 (8 reps)
    4 x
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up – 4 reps
    10 sec Handstand hold + 3 sec controlled eccentric HSPU

    PLYO CONDITIONING: 6 rounds + 7 reps

  22. Warm-up:2x complete
    PA1: Strict press 2RM: 115#, 120#, 125#, 130#, 135#, 140# PR!, 145#- only hit 1 rep, 80%: @ 110#, hit 6 reps
    4x complete: depth PU explosive rebound up
    Plyo Conditioning: 6 complete rounds + 5 PU
    EC: 3x complete

  23. Warm up done
    Strict Press 2RM 87kg then 7 reps at 69kg
    4 x depth push up to explosive rebound up + handstand holds hspu complete
    Plyo Conditiong used ring dips 6rds + 5 strict pull ups + 10 depth push ups
    Ring dips were the limiting factor
    No time for EC unfortunately but had a good pump from the plyo conditioning so I got some Jacked Street in

  24. Press 2RM: 155 lbs. Gotten a bit weaker.
    Max reps at 85%: 7

    Ply Conditioning: 4 rounds + 5 dips.

  25. O.

    Strict Press: 65kg, 70 (1)
    Plyo: 6 rounds + 9
    EC: 3 rounds, had a flight to catch and had to bail

  26. PJ

    Warm up: Rx
    Landmine press: 5RM @ 45kg
    Def PU & Handstand: Rx

    Plyo: 6 rounds
    EC: Rx @ 12.5kg DB (subbed DB for bands)

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