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FIELD STRONG: 2105-01-28

We are taking an active recovery day today, so we can be ready for the rest of our testing week. We have the dreaded sandbag TUG; those of you that have been around for a few months will remember this one fondly. These are not for time, so rest as needed to execute clean reps. Before we start we have an extended warm up and sprint skill progression as we can sprints coming up. And once you are all finished up, we have an extended list of static stretching for cool down.


3 x

Elevated Single Arm KB RDLs – 20 reps (10 RT + 10 LT)
Banded Walks – 10 yards
Banded Reverse Walks – 10 yards
Banded Lateral Walks LT – 10 yards
Banded Lateral Walks RT – 10 yards
Charleston – 20 reps (10 RT/ 10 LT)
Banded Reverse Hypers – 10 reps


3 x

High Knee A-Steps – 10 yards
High Knee B-Steps – 10 yards
High Knee C-Steps – 10 yards
Straight Leg Steps – 10 yards
High Knee A-Skips – 10 yards
High Knee B-Skips – 10 yards
Straight Leg Skips – 10 yards


95/45 lbs Sandbag Turkish Getup – 30 reps

Grab that sandbag and bang out TGU. I want you to switch shoulders each rep so you get equal chances to work on this.


2-4 x

Active Hamstring Stretch w/ banded assist RT – 20 seconds
Active Hamstring Stretch w/ banded assist LT – 20 seconds
Dancer Stretch – 20 seconds
Banded Support Full Squat – 20 seconds
Vertical Column Side Stretch RT – 20 seconds
Vertical Column Side Stretch LT – 20 seconds
Child's Pose Progression 1 – 20 seconds
Child's Pose Moose Antler – 20 seconds


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7 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2105-01-28

  1. 45# TGU. 30 reps in 10:18. Like this workout.

  2. All done. Great session. I used a medium weight KB for the TGUs b/c I don’t have sandbags at my house.

  3. Warm Up and sprint work as rx’d

    Sprint Skill as rx’d

    No sandbag at the gym this morning, so practiced double kettlebell TGU. Made it up to 2 pood in each hand. Nothing too crazy/strenuous, just to get the blood flowing.

    Stretch. Ready for tomorrow.

  4. Warm up and sprint work – complete

    30 TGUs w/ 100lb Sand Bag; felt really light today which was great. I think those get-up situps are helping a lot…I felt like I flew through these.

    Got talked into a 3 mile soft sand run with some guys…about a 10 min/mile pace so nothing crazy.

    Finished with stretching; ready for the next tests.

  5. WARM UP: RX

    Skipped the TGUs.

    EXTRA CREDIT: Compex – quads

  6. Test 7: LATT on C2. 82 calories. PR +2 cals. First attempt was 63 calories last August.

  7. LATT on C2 – 75 calories.

    TGU – used 24 kilo kettle bell. Been a while since I’ve done these!

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