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FIELD STRONG: 2015-02-17

We are back on the upper body today with bench, upper body plyos and dips. This is about the perfect upper body workout for me. Simple, hitting all my big movers with volume, explosive work and dips. I would say that dips and close grips were the biggest influencing movements for my bench.

If you have time, try the extra credit on for size. If you hammer it, it gets ugly quick.



3 x

Pillar to Plank Press Up - 10 yards
Pillar Hold Alternate Hand Reach - 30 seconds
Empty Bar Strict Press - 10 reps

Start with pillar to planks to warm up the shoulder and chest. Then immediately transition to the alternate hand reaches; do this for 30 seconds. Once done, grab an empty bar and do 10 presses, slow and controlled. Do this 3 times.

PA 1

Bench Press - 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout)

We are continuing our LP on the bench press. I want you add 5 lbs to whatever you hit last Tuesday and do 3 sets of 5 reps, straight across.

Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up - 4 x 4

These are going to be tough; they require you are rested and able to give your best effort. That is why I keep them down to 4 reps, 4 sets. I want each rep explosive and fast.

Parallel Bar Dips - 50 reps AQAP

If you can do one set of 50 reps, go it. I like to break these up by doing a set of 20, then 2 sets of 15 reps. But I dont care how many sets you take, I want 50 reps.

PA 2

Bench Press- 5 x 10 @ ~60% of 1 RM

Just like the squat, we are going to hit some higher rep work on the bench press. Warm up as needed and once you get to your weight, hit those sets. Try to keep the rest down to 2 minutes but if you have to take longer to get your reps, take a bit longer.

Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up - 4 x 4

For these make sure you are well rested to be able to execute 4 reps in a series. I want 4 sets here, so be consistent and explosive.

Parallel Bar Dips - 50 reps AQAP

If you can do one set of 50 reps, go it. I like to break these up by doing a set of 20, then 2 sets of 15 reps. But I dont care how many sets you take, I want 50 reps.


As many sets as possible in 8 minutes:

Landmine PP RT - 10 reps (70-90 lbs)
Landmine PP LT - 10 reps (70-90 lbs)
95/55 lbs Sandbag Shoulder Toss - 10

Time to get some volume in the shoulders and upper back. Start with 10 reps on the landmine and then move to the SB shoulder tosses.


Shoulders + Triceps | Seated | Static Position | Resistance Protocol | Level 5 | Intensity: As much as you can tolerate

Today we are using it statically on the shoulders and triceps post workout. Put the Compex on level 5, no warm up is needed and crank the unit up as high as you can tolerate.

And if you want to jump on the Compex, use this code for 25% off:


If you have any question on the Compex and EMS, hit me up in the forums about it. I will answer any questions you might have. I really believe this is an important untapped resource we need to take advantage as a group.


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29 Responses to FIELD STRONG: 2015-02-17

  1. How do we count the weight for the landmines? Bar included or just the plates?

  2. Its the weight on the bar. So add plates that add up to 70-90 pounds. Its a good workout….

  3. Warm up done
    Bench 5×10 110
    Depth push ups done
    Dips 1:55
    70lb landline
    110lb sand bag
    4 rounds 20 landmine in 8min

  4. Warm up x 2

    Bench Press 5 x 10 @80#
    Depth pu’s 4 x 4 done
    Dips: bw + 10# 30 reps 5:14

    EC: not today, I’m good

  5. There are just some moves a reconfigured triceps doesn’t appreciate. Struggled a bit.

    BP: 5×10@145#
    Push-ups: did 4×10 of depth only. “Explosive rebound” just isn’t there.
    Dips: did some static holds and worked through 10 singles. More than I thought I would get.
    EC: 70# landmine and 70# sandbag. 4 rounds in 9 minutes.

  6. Warm up – complete

    Bench – 5 x 10 @ 170
    Push ups – used 5 x 25KG plates; 4 x 4
    Dips – 31 / 19

    EC: This flattened me for some reason…really struggled through it.
    2 rounds + 10 landmine PP RT + 10 landmine PP LT + 1 Sandbag over the shoulder, 70lb Landmine and 95lb sandbag

  7. Mex

    Bench at 165 unbroken all sets. 2 min rest exactly. Good speed. Slowed down a little on reps 8-10

    Depth done with 3 plates. All good. 4th rep took a little extra each time. Rested as needed between.

    Dips: 30/10/10/10

  8. WARM UP: 3x check

    PA 2
    Bench Press- 5 x 10 @ ~60% of 1 RM
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up – 4 x 4
    Parallel Bar Dips – 50 reps AQAP
    20. 10. ( (7.3) in 4:45 

    3+ 2 sandbag shoulder toss, w/ 80lb land mines and 95lb sandbag 

  9. PA2: Bench at 60% – all sets unbroken and fast

    Depth pushups – 4×4 at around 10″ (6 metal plates – got sketchy at times due them slipping)

    Dips: was smoked early in this: 10, 10, 7, 6, then 3’s and 2’s no idea on time byt under 5 mins

    EC: Did 135# hang power cleans (global gym) and 65 landmines.

    Went to put on my button up shirt after for work and my arms couldn’t fit through the opening. Tri’s are pumped – wasn’t expecting that problem!

  10. What would be a good replacement for the sandbag shoulder toss? I do not have sandbags at my gym or any heavy balls.

  11. Warm-up: complete

    PA1: Bench 3×5 @ 200#
    Depth Push up to explosive rebound up: complete, 12″ for the height
    Parallel Bar Dips 50 reps in 2:23, 25,10,7,4,4,

    EC: complete, used 80# on the landmines, subbed reverse ball tosses for sandbags. I can’t believe I still don’t have a sandbag for the garage.

  12. WARM UP: Complete

    PA 2
    Bench Press- 5 x 10 @ 170lbs
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up – 4 x 4
    Parallel Bar Dips – 50 reps AQAP -20/15/15

    As many sets as possible in 8 minutes:
    Landmine PP RT – 10 reps (70 lbs)
    Landmine PP LT – 10 reps (70 lbs)
    135 lbs Sandbag Shoulder Toss – 10

    3+22. I did 135ln sandbag on accident.

    EXTRA CREDIT: COMPEX – complete. First time doing triceps, that was intense!

  13. Warm up-Complete
    PA 2-
    Bench Press 5×10@225 Unbroken sets
    Explosive Push ups- 4×4 complete at 12 inches
    Dips- 2 sets 40 and 10
    No equipment for extra credit
    I did something else

  14. @zstrom, John wants us to work our shoulders and upper back. Peeps above subbed hang power cleans and reverse ball tosses. Have fun with it. It’s extra credit and doing it this once or not doing it this once won’t make a difference in the game plan.

  15. Warm up – done

    PA 2
    Bench Press- 5 x 10 x 75kg
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up – 4 x 4
    Parallel Bar Dips – 20,15,15 in 1´28

    Landmine w/ 30kg and 24kg KB swings – got 5 rds

    Compex – done

  16. Warm up: 2 times.
    Bench 5×10 @ 145# with 2 min rest. All unbroken but reps 8-10 on 4/5 set got spicy.
    Depth push-ups 4×4.
    50 bar dips in 2:53. Started with 25 (PR +3) but that blew me out and I was slow from there. Final set was 2 reps.

    No EC, but I rowed 20 intervals on the C2 this morning.

  17. PA2
    Bench 5 x 10 – 165#. Last set was a bit tough.

    Depth Pushups 4 x 4 – Done with 9″ worth of plates.

    Parallel Bar Dips 50 AFAP – 15/12/8/7/8

    No EC

  18. Pa2

    Bench press 5×10 @60% 90kg
    2 minutes rest between sets

    4×4 depth push to explosive rebound

    50 dips few sets as possible (30, 20)

  19. Warmup: done
    Bench Press 5×10@95lb

    4×4 Def rebound PU: done w/:20-:30 rest btwn sets

    50 Dips:

    Extra credit:
    10 Landmines R @47.5lbs
    10 Landmines L
    10 Sandbag Toss @55
    *4+1 rounds

  20. AM session: 50 minutes airdyne at 65% max heart rate. Listened to @robbwolf powerathlete podcast (the recent one) while riding. It’s a great one if you’ve not listened to it, go do it. Now.

    PM session:

    WU: done plus thoracic bridges + 2x OHSx10, pull-upsx10, GHDSUx10, back extensionx10, push-upx10, banded vertical stretchx30seconds/side

    1) Bench press: 5×10 done at 160 – dang shoulders have never felt this bad on bench
    2) 4×4 depth PU + dynamic up: two 45 and two 25 bumpers, whatever that measurement is. These were fun, challenging.
    3) Dips: 15/15/20 – under 2 minutes – this got spicy fast

    8’AMRAP: i had to use my old heavy bag for the sandbag, it’s probably the most awkward thing to pick up and throw over your shoulder….ever!
    Exactly 5 rounds completed. Last rep right at the buzzer.

    Additional extra credit: inspired by #22JackedStreet talk on the podcast I did some BB/Jacked Street work.

    Super set: dumbbel curl into arnold press 4 x 12 with banded tricep pushdowns (12/10/8/6/4/2 pyramids)
    DB lat and front raises
    DB 1 arm bench work, light.
    50 straight bar curls without putting bar down

    Time to eat.

  21. Warm Up – Walking around with 50lbs of kit all day

    Bench – 5×10 @ 185
    DepthPushups – Done
    Dips – 15, 15, 10, 10

  22. WARM-UP – as rx’d
    Bench Press 5 x 10 @60% – 165 lbs – done
    Depth Push Ups – 4 x 4 – done
    Dips – 4:03
    EXTRA CREDIT – omitted…coming down with cold/flu
    Today was definitely a ‘move the dirt’ day

  23. Warm Up – 3x
    Bench 5×10 @ 150#
    Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound 4×4 @ 10″
    Dips – 50 Reps done 15/10/10/10/5
    Extra Credit – 8 min AMRAP – 4 Rounds
    – DB Push Press 45# (L) x10
    – DB Push Press (R) x10
    – DB Snatch 60# (L) x5
    – DB Snatch (R) x5

  24. Kyle

    Warm up x3
    Bench press 3×5 @ 190lb
    Depth push-ups 4×4 w/ 3-45lb plate stacks
    Dips 50 reps – done on rings 10,10,10,10,10

  25. Warm Up and Bike Ride as Rx’d

    PA2 BENCH 5×10 @ 185, again kept with PAMC times (80 seconds), got real spicy on last two sets


    50 Bar Dips, Unbroken.

    E/C: 90 lbs and 110lbs Dumbell. No sandbag so 1 sec pause at top each rep. 7 rounds.

    COMPEX: Triceps and Shoulders

  26. Warm Up: complete
    Bench 5 x 10 reps: 103#
    Depth PU’s 4×4 done with 2 45# bumpers
    50 bar dips completed, first set was 10, doing 2 at a time towards the end. Ouch.

    Extra credit conditioning: 4 rounds + 6 reps. w/65# sandbag and 45# plate on landmines.

  27. PA1 BP 205, 14″ depth rebounds, dips 20/15/12/3
    EC: 4 rounds + 10 PP L, 75# landmine and sub’d 95# log
    trying the EMS this evening, first time

  28. PJ

    Warm up: Done

    Bench: @60kg

    Push ups: Done

    5x AQAP
    Pull ups – 5 reps
    Banded pull downs – 15 reps

    EC: Done – 30kg BB & 25kg dead all

    Was smoked from yesterday & BJJ

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