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Redefining Weakness Training: Programming

Amanda-Ruller-Football-Drills-Weakness-Training-Power-AthleteRedefining Weakness Training: Approach laid the groundwork.  Changing ‘weakness’ to focused practice and development all begins with the term Skill Practice: dedicated, targeted training that drives prudent application, yielding accelerated returns.

This just the beginning. Proper implementation of Skill Practice will accomplish two goals:

  1. Create a Default - (alliteration alert!) automatic actions for athletes
  2. Self Awareness - develop the ability for them to observe themselves

In my travels, these ‘skills’ have many names: coordination, mind-muscle connection, and the most appropriately, tacit knowledge, or the ability to demonstrate an action that is difficult to verbalize.  You want to know why athletes make horrible coaches?  They have the tacit knowledge of movement, but lack explicit knowledge.

This explains everything!
-Sincerely, DIII all-star

Tacit knowledge and the connection an athlete has with their body allows them to analyze their weaknesses and limiting factors.  A Power Coach must focus on this grander developmental plan of Skill Practice, truly taking athletes where they cannot take themselves.

Skill Practice deserves a dedicated place in a strength and conditioning program.  What exactly is "skill", and how do you implement it for accelerated returns? Read on.


Defining Skill

We will first provide essential reading, reference points, and establish a clear definition for skill.

Essential Reading: Planes, Axes, and Primal Movements

Reference: Power Athlete Movement Demo Page

What is a Skill?:

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Tex McQuilkin
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  1. Great article so much info, I would like to send this to my professor. Do you have a link I can send them to access the entire article?

  2. AnthonyT – this article is under premium content, so your professor would need to subscribe accordingly to see any of it.

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