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PA Radio – Episode 129: Dr. Ken Ford


Get To know a Ketone.

This week we welcome doctor, researcher, and CEO of the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, Dr. Ken Ford.  His interests and specialties have varied from the study of consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and optimizing the cognitive functions of the human brain.  Eventually, this led him to study the impact of ketones and a ketogenic diet as a means to improve performance.

Focusing on a diet of fatty acids and a ketone based metabolism has been the heart of Dr Ford's research and the meat of our conversation.  Hear how the brain deals with trauma, be it from seizures or TBI (as in concussions), differently based on diet.  Also, find out why your training and performance may be the best indicator of whether or not a Ketogenic Diet is right for you.  Learn the symptoms of signs of cognitive dysfunction.

Dr Ken Ford talks in depth about impact of ketones and ketone esters and how they interact with genetics, trauma, disease and biological factors to improve function.  In a world where politics and myths surround things like treating cancer through diet, Ford continues to fight the good fight and educate the masses on the potential of Ketosis. Put on your thinking headphones, because the doctor is in and school is in session.



Learn more about Dr. Ken Ford's research at www.IHMC.us. There you can find information about his work in Human Cognition and the study of Ketones.

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10 Responses to PA Radio – Episode 129: Dr. Ken Ford

  1. Corey Spoores

    Do you have any show notes on this episode where I can learn more or a sample diet? Do you have a website for Dr. Ford?

    This is a good episode as I just listened to one from an endurance athletes pov.


  2. Matt Price

    Epic podcast. @pahq i do have a question on the recommended macro approach to the anabolic diet. I know the exact ratio will vary per individual, however are we looking at something like 60f 30p 10c? I can re post the question in the forums if that is a more appropriate place.

  3. harlan

    Excellent content

  4. Could y’all post a link or more info on how to do the blood testing Dr. Ford talked about to check Ketotic levels? Great show!

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  6. Loved the podcast. Really been getting into a bunch of your episodes recently. Keep it up and thanks for the content.

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