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Why Your New Years Resolution Will Fail

I’ve been know to rant about the “resi”, a.k.a. “resolutionist”. These are the people that flood your gym and drive the seasonality of the fitness industry. Last year, Nielsen reported that the top New Years Resolution was to get in shape. Also making the list, to “not make any resolutions.” Mother of God. These Get Fit Resies are the same ass hats who were hip thrusting the cable crossover when I was trying to get my pump on during Jacked Street last year.



I have to say, next to complaining about not having time, this is one of the most frustrating things to chat about. When I chat with family or friends about the new year and their resolutions ahead, I have to bite my tongue because it’s the holidays and no one wants give their loved ones the proverbial “holiday dick punch”. That would just be cold blooded. If you are a resolutionist, I want to tell you why your new year’s resolution will fail.

Arnold Asks, "Why will your New Years Resolution Fail?"


The resolution is a hurry up and wait mechanism. People schedule a lifestyle change for a future date, expecting that the turn of a new year will provide a platform for success. It’s an opportunity to live under the temporary illusion of the ability change. And it’s bullshit. Let me tell you why.

Change can be hard. People avoid change like the plague. Whether it’s Facebook changing how their mobile app handles messaging, or a forced change in your daily route to work due to construction, people lose their shit.

There is only one way to drive any significant change in your lifestyle. To quote @Cali, “you gotta want it.”

New Years Resolution, YOU GOTTA WANT IT!

Because if you wanted it, and had the resources to do it, then (to paraphrase Nike) you would just fucking DO IT. Let’s just say you were to walk into the ol’ Best Buy to look for a TV. You’ve got $2,000 to burn, they’ve got your dream TV in stock, and you have a wall to hang it on.

Would you say, “Oh, fuck yeah! I want it! I can afford it! They have it in stock! And I’m gonna wait until January 1 to buy it”. Hell no. If you really wanted it you would just get that bad boy, hang it up on the wall, fire up HBO GO and smash some episodes of Game of Thrones.

Stop planning change. The fact that you’re willing to wait to take action means you lack the willpower for it to be successful. If you were going to make a resolution for 2016, start now. Start TODAY. Start after you read this article.

Down with the resolutionists! Tell me what you're going to change TODAY.

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Luke Summers

Luke has been training athletes in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Olympic Lifting since 2007. He spent 6 years pushing pencils in “Corporate America,” spending 3 of those years moonlighting as a Strength & Conditioning Coach before and after work. Luke was an athlete his whole life and played multiple sports, but his primary focus was football.He played up through college until a neck injury forced him to hang it up. He travels with the CrossFit Football staff and has coaches a variety of athletes from amateur to professional levels in football, baseball, and track.
Luke Summers
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12 Responses to Why Your New Years Resolution Will Fail

  1. @luke do you think I should wait till January the 3rd to start Jacked street?

  2. @luke perfect I will take the upcoming year to make a resolution to change for the next year✅

  3. Andrewk

    Things I started doing last week: 1) limit email checking to three times per day. 2) identify and implement small changes to daily living throughout the week and month which while hopefully prevent the need for resolutions.

  4. Love the article!! Happy New Year @Luke! p.s I started January 1, 1995 but “I wanted it BAD”!

  5. Stop posting creeper videos of my workouts without my permission, stalker guy.

  6. @luke. WTF. I know @mcquilkin supplied that picture. My NY resolution is to beat that ass.

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