Power Athlete Inc is looking to add to our team.

  • Video & Operations Intern (Full & Part Time)
    Location: Austin, TX @ Power Athlete HQ
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At Power Athlete Inc, we believe everyone deserves a positive environment that values their unique perspective and that each person’s voice has the opportunity to elevate us all.

Together we build performance solutions for the masses. Whether than be the physical, mental or educational, we working with athletes, coaches and large groups. We leverage software, Power Athlete content, user based content to influence the world of performance and strength & conditioning. We proudly work with clients and industry partners like US Military, Olympics, high school, college, professional sports, micro-gyms, Train Heroic, Sorinex, Power Dot, LMNT and many others.

To be successful at Power Athlete, you must be a creative, highly motivated individual that wants to drink from a fire hose each day. We have a culture of physical strength, we walk the walk, not talk the talk. We are not offering e-scooters and electric bikes or but a team of like minded individuals with a singular goal to destroy mediocrity and alter the world of performance.


Our team consists of a mix of full time, part time and contractors to execute our goals.

  • Competitive Salary and Incentives
  • More Black Shirts with Skulls Than You Ever Thought You Needed
  • Medical Plan
  • 401(k) after vesting
  • Flexible Time Off
  • One Fresh Pair of Vans Per Year
  • Full Time Access to a World Class Private Training Facility to Bang Weights
  • Access to the World’s Best Authorities in Performance, Coaching and Business
  • Paid Vacation
  • Corporate Discounts from all our Industry Partners

If you have further questions, please reach out!