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Mindfulness in the Kitchen

One of the first topics I cover with a nutrition client in our initial consultation really doesn’t…

Author: Ben Skutnik

I Want It All: Your Nutrition and Training Goals

“What are your goals?” If you ever pick up nutrition coaching or meal planning from Power Athlete,…

Author: Ben Skutnik

EP 308 – Conscious Coaching with Brett Bartholomew

Good Coaches Provide Value Being on Power Athlete Radio three times is like getting to third base….

Author: John

EP 307 – Rachel Larson Talks Mind Over Muscle

Mind Over Muscle Did you know that the types of cues you use with your athletes can…

Author: John

Battling Your Own Bullshit: You Better Recognize

In part one of Battling Your Own Bullshit I swallowed the red pill and perhaps after reading…

Author: James Coutts

Reflections of a Johnnie Football Space Monkey: Part 3

Life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls when you least expect them. When these…

Author: Carl Case

PA Radio – Episode 305: The Crew

The Birthday Episode This week we are retroactively celebrating the birthdays of both John and Tex. In…

Author: John

Coach Like a Pro, Not Like a “System Guy”

In the world of performance it’s common practice for a coach to label themselves as a system…

Author: Donald Ricci

Reflections of a Johnnie Football Space Monkey: Part 2

If you’re not on a journey and are just sitting stagnant, you better take a hard look…

Author: Carl Case