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Movement Demos

Welcome to the movement demo page (the very no frills version 1.0). Here's how this page works; all of our movements are below. In order to view the movement, simply click on the link and the video will pop up.

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10 sec Handstand hold + 3 sec controlled eccentric HSPU 
4 Way Dead Bugs  
45 lb Reverse Curls 
5 sec Side Pillar Hold Hip Drop and Reach 
5-Way Upper Body Med-ball Plyo Circuit 
90 Degree Lunge Jump with Switch 
Active Hamstring Stretch w/ banded assist 
Alternating Contralateral Dead bugs 
Alternating Reaching Hands Pillar Holds 
Alternating Single Leg Bounds 
Applying the Band 
Assault Bike  
Assisted NRU to Vertical Jump 
Athletic Burpee 
Back Squat 
Ball Slams  
Band Resisted Contralateral Dead Bugs 
Band Resisted Dead Bugs - Hands to Feet 
Band Resisted Ipsilateral Dead Bugs 
Band Resisted Pull Ups 
Banded Full GHRs 
Banded Good Mornings 
Banded Hamstring Curl 
Banded Lateral Walks  
Banded Reverse Hypers 
Banded Reverse Walks 
Banded Support Full Squat 
Banded Tricep Extension 
Banded Vertical Lunge Stretch 
Banded Walks 
Bar Muscle Up 
Barbell Bicep Curl 
Barbell RDL 
Barbell Reverse Curl 
Barbell Skull Crusher 
Barbell Step Up 
BB Hang PC  
BB Hang PS 
BB Primal Squat, Lunge, Step Complex 
Belt Squat 
Bench Press 
Bent Over Row with 2 Dumbbells  
Bent Over Rows 
Bi Lateral Depth Jump to Single Leg Landing 
Bi Lateral to Bi Lateral 1/4 Jump Squat 
Bi Lateral to Split 1/4 Jump Squat 
Bottom Position Squat 
Burgener Warm Up 
Butt Kicks 
Calf Raises with 2 Dumbbells 
Captain Morgans 
Chest Elevated Push Up on Bar 
Child's Pose Moose Antler 
Child's Pose Progression 1 
Chin Ups 
Clapping Pull Ups 
Clean Pull 
Clean Warm Up 1  
Close Grip Bench  
Cocky Walks 
Compex Jump Squats 
Consecutive Box Jump 
Consecutive Box Jump 
Contralateral Inch Worms 
CPT Morgan with Vertical Support 
Crossover Step Catch 
Dancer Stretch 
DB Hang PC 
DB Shrugs 
DB Supported Dead Bugs Feet 
Dead Bug Home Position 
Dead Bug with Pelvic Tilt 
Deficit DL 
Deficit Push Ups 
Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound Up 
Dips with Chains 
DL to PC Complex 
Double Leg Zig Zag Bound Start 
Double Leg Zig Zag Bounding 
Dumbbell Bench with elbows out 
Dumbbell Box Jumps 
Dumbbell Burpee Box Jumps  
Dumbbell Front Raise  
Dumbbell Hex Press 
Dumbbell Lateral Raise  
Dumbbell Pull Over  
Dumbbell RDL 
Dumbbell Thruster 
Dumbbell Walking Lunge 
Dynamic Push Ups 
Dynamic Step Ups 
Elevated Hip Bridge 
Elevated Single Arm KB RDLs 
Empty Bar Hang Cleans 
Empty Bar Hang PS 
Evil Wheels 
EZ Curl Bicep Curl 
EZ Curl Reverse Bicep Curl 
EZ Curl Skull Crusher 
Flying Starts 
Front Squat 
Full Clean 
Full Glute Ham Raises 
Full Snatch 
Get Up Sit Up 
GHD Controlled Negatives 
GHD Supine Bridge 
glute ham bridge 
glute ham hold 
Goblet Squat Static Hold  
Hammer Curls  
Handstand Hold with Leg Drop 
Handstand Walk to Forward Roll 
High Kicks 
High Knee A-Skips 
High Knee A-Steps  
High Knee B-Skips 
High Knee B-Steps 
High Knee C-Steps 
High Knee Lunge 
High Knees 
High Skips 
Hip Bridge  
Hollow Rocks 
HS Walks 
Inch Worm Hands Only 
Incline Bench Press 
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 
Inside Out Skips 
Ipsilateral Dead Bugs 
Iron Man Holds 
Isometric GHD Bridge Holds 
IT Band Slow Twisting Kick 
Jam Squats 
Jam Squats with Twist 
Jimmy Buffets  
KB Step Ups 
KB Supported Dead Bugs Feet 
KB Supported Dead Bugs Hands 
Kelso Shrugs 
Knee Hug to Horizontal Lunge Twist 
Kneeling Arm Swings 
Kneeling Close Clapping Push Ups 
Kneeling Plyo Start 
Kneeling Wide Clapping Push Ups 
L-Hold PU 
Landmine PP 
Lateral Ball Slam 
Lateral Banded Front Shoulder Raise 
Lateral Banded Rotations - Athletic Position  
Lateral Banded Side Shoulder Raise 
Lateral Plyo Skiers 
Lateral Skiers Low Box 
Lateral Step Catch 
Leg Cradle Lateral Lunge Twist 
Leg Cradle Lunge Twist w/ Drunk Step 
Leg Cradle Lunge with Lateral Flexion and Extension 
Lunge Jumps with Switch 
Lunge Position Lateral Banded Rotations 
Manual Resistance Hamstrings + Dynamic Push Up 
Neutral Grip Dumbbel Bench 
Ninja Roll Up to Box Jump 
Ninja Roll Up to Vertical Jump 
One Arm DB Row 
One Arm KB High Lunge to Lateral Flexion 
Open Step Reaction Drill 
Open Stepthrough Catch 
Outside In Skips 
Overhead Squat 
Parallel Bar Dips 
Partial Squat w/ Bottom Pause 
Partial Squat w/ No Lockout 
Partner Resisted Lateral Step Catch 
Partner Resisted Plank 
Partner Resisted Static Lunge 
Pause Squats 
Pillar Hold Alternate Hand Reach 
Pillar to Plank Press Up 
Plyo Push Ups 
Pogo Hops  
Power Clean 
Power Snatch 
Power Walking 
Prowler Push 
Push Press 
Push Up 
Push Up Starts 
Quick Feet Low Box 
Quick Feet: Over Over Back Back 
Rack Pull 
Rear Delt Fly  
Renegade Rows 
Resisted Backpedal 
Reverse Ball Toss 
Reverse Shrugs on Dip Bars 
Reverse Sled Drag  
Reverse Wall Climb to Push Up 
Ring Dips 
Ring Hold to L Sit 
Ring pull ups 
RM Box Jump 
Rope Climbs 
Rotational Ball Slam 
Russian KB Swings  
Russian Twists 
Sandbag Dynamic PU 
Sandbag PC 
Sandbag PP 
Sandbag Primal Complex #1 
Sandbag Primal Complex #2 
Sandbag Shoulder Toss 
Sandbag Turkish Getup 
Sandbag Walking Lunge 
Sandbag Zercher Squat 
Scap Pull Up Hold with Hip Twist 
Scapula Depression 
Seated Arm Swing  
Seated Box Jump 
Seated Med Ball Throws 
See Saw Walk to Burpee  
Seesaw Walk to Vertical Jump 
Shin Hop to Box Jump 
Shin Hop to Broad Jump 
Shin Hop to Tuck Jump 
Shin Hops 
Short Skips 
Side Pillar Starfish 
Side Pillar with Hip Drop-Reach 
Side Pillar with Hip Reach 
Single Arm DB Bench Press 
Single Arm DB Complex - PS to Thruster 
Single Arm DB PS 
Single Arm DB Thruster 
Single Leg Bounds 
Single Leg Calf Raise 
Single Leg Dumbbell RDL  
Single Leg Elevated Hip Bridge 
Single Leg Hip Bridge  
Single Leg Lateral Hops to Sprint  
Single Leg Ninja Roll Up to Lunge Jump 
Single Leg Weighted Hip Bridge 
Single Leg Zig Zag Bounds 
Slam Balls 
Sled Drag 
Slide Board Push Ups  
Slight Decline DB Press 
Slight Incline DB Press 
Snatch Grip DL  
Snatch Grip Push Press 
Snatch Pull 
Snatch Warm Up 1 
Spiderman Complex to Horizontal Rotation 
Spiderman Complex to Vertical Rotation 
Spiderman Crawls w/ Elbow to Drop 
Split to Bi Lateral 1/4 Jump Squat 
Sprint Prep Sequence 1 
Squat, Lunge, Step Up Primal Complex  
Staggered Stance Arm Swing 
Standing Anterior Pelvic Tilt 
Standing Posterior Pelvic Tilt 
Standing Teapot 
Starr Shrugs 
Static Dip Holds 
Static Pillar Holds  
Static Side Pillar Hold 
Straight Barbell Curls 
Straight Leg Skips 
Straight Leg Steps 
strict press 
Strict Pull Ups  
Superman Holds 
Supine Ring PU 
Supine Scapula Retractions  
Towel Pull Ups 
True Push Ups 
Two Handed KB Skull Crushers 
Up Tall and Fall Starts 
Vertical Column Side Stretch 
Wall Drill 
Wall Drill Singles 
Wall Drill Triples 
Weighted Hip Bridge 
Weighted Pull Ups 
Weighted Pull Ups