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Nutrition FAQ

So you're a bit confused, have a question, or want to know more. Take a peak at our FAQs to see if it satisfies your hunger for more info.

Are these Nutrition Programs for everyone?
No. They are designed for healthy individuals who have cleared this change in diet and activity with their doctor. These programs are ABSOLUTELY NOT for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, suffer from autoimmune issues, eating disorders, diabetes or thyroid dysfunction.

I'm not any of those, will this actually work?
Yes. All the templates have been stress tested by PAHQ Staff and private clients, and this shit works. Check out our Battling Bullshit section to see our transformations.

Do you have an App? Will this work on my smartphone or tablet?
No, we don't have a mobile app. You can VIEW the spreadsheets on your smartphone or tablet with some iOS / Android spreadsheet apps, but you can't "interact" with them. The sheets require you to feed them some info to get your macro loading dialed in, but you can only do that on a Mac / PC with Excel. See below for a demo. The spreadsheet responds to your inputs to layout exact macro loading for each meal.

How many meals will I eat?
The spreadsheet allows you to plan 3 - 5 meals today.

How long are the programs?
Our Nutrition Programs have multiple phases that allow you to cycle your nutrition goals endlessly as you progress.

Wait, I have a question you haven't answered, what's up with that?
Well, we didn't do it on purpose, why don't you send us an email so we can get back to you with an answer.