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Nutrition Coaching

There is a lot to think about when it comes to attacking a nutrition plan. Unanswered questions may have you traveling down the internet wormhole for hours looking for an answer from a trusted source.

Skip the hassle and subscribe to Power Athlete's Nutrition Coaching. Leave it up to your personal coach to evaluate your lifestyle, training, and progress to continually dial in the most effective Nutrition Plan.

Take a peak under the hood. Check out what you get with Nutrition Coaching:


  • One Time Consult - $150 / hr
  • 3 Month Commitment - $170 / mo
  • 6 Month Commitment - $158 / mo
  • 12 Month Commitment - $115 / mo

*Note, your commitment will be paid in full upon checkout. You will not be billed monthly until your commitment expires.

What You Get:

  • An initial consultation for you to meet your coach, and for us to get to know you on every level so we can put together a plan of attack specifically for you
    *Must schedule your consult within 2 weeks of purchase
  • A tailored Nutrition Plan designed specifically for you that times and balances macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Your coach will give you narrative breakdowns to guide you along your journey, explain the strategy, or give you the verbal kick in the ass that you need to get back on track
  • Unlimited access to your coach; use email check-ins to document progress, give feedback to your coach, and receive updated plans to continually stoke the fire, and keep your Nutrition Plan on track
  • Power Athlete Official Membership gives you full access to Articles and Forums during the term of your meal plan
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group

What You Give:

  • Dedicate to the process; make the pledge that you are ready to be held accountable!
  • A commitment to keep your coach up to date of your progress! This includes sharing food logs, photos of your meals, and selfie pics so your coach can SEE how you are progressing!
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