The Bulking Protocol

The Bulking Protocol was originally released on Talk To Me Johnnie in 2013. Since then, it has been implemented in various styles with various various athletes. Through these implementations we've refined the Bulking Protocol and have outlined a 2 phase, 8 - 12 week repeating approach to packing on sheer mass.

Price: $49.99 each, or $99.99 with a 45 minute introductory consult
*Must schedule your consult within 2 weeks of purchase

Take a peak under the hood of our Nutrition Programs:

What You Get:

  • The multi-phase Nutrition Program (optimized for use with Microsoft Excel for Mac / PC)
  • John's narrative on how to get started
  • The expanded "Just Tell Me What to Eat" associated with your program
  • Common Questions and Answers
  • A video walk through of how to use the spreadsheet
  • Private access to Power Athlete's Nutrition Facebook Group and Forums that are moderated by John and his team
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