The Keto Protocol

After following at ketogenic diet for more than a decade, John has created the Keto Protocol. This is the most versatile program of all the Power Athlete nutrition programs. The spreadsheet takes into account all personal and lifestyle parameters, and provides you with daily macro loading for gain, maintain, and loss Keto Protocols. The protocol takes you through the initial adaptation phase, as well as the secondary maintenance phase to maximize fat adaptation and insulin sensitivity.

Price: $49.99 each, or $99.99 with a 45 minute introductory consult
*Must schedule your consult within 2 weeks of purchase

Take a peak under the hood of our Nutrition Programs:

What You Get:

  • The multi-phase Nutrition Program (optimized for use with Microsoft Excel for Mac / PC)
  • John's narrative on how to get started
  • The expanded "Just Tell Me What to Eat" associated with your program
  • Common Questions and Answers
  • A video walk through of how to use the spreadsheet
  • Private access to Power Athlete's Nutrition Forums that are moderated by John himself, and his team
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