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Love at First Bite

By Luke Summers / February 12, 2015 /

Love, lust or a little of both? Whichever it is grab your spouse, GF, BF, lover or date du jour and try this Valentine’s dinner for a night of culinary decadence and romance. . . Advice for any dude that bitches about Valentine’s day; here’s a little story. . . for about the first ten…

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Strength 101: Reverse Engineering with Prilepin’s Chart

By Cali Hinzman / July 28, 2014 /

One of the great aspects to working in the strength and conditioning industry is the endless discussion comparing one training system to another. The reason these talks are so fruitful is because there really isn’t any one perfect training system for all athletes and yet, many work. When putting together a mental checklist of pro’s…

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Power Pulls for Performance

By Cali Hinzman / December 17, 2013 /

Go to any online forum and note the numerous argument threads and bitchfests surrounding the power clean debate…

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Nutrition Confusion

By John / May 2, 2013 /

It is overwhelming how many questions we get on the CrossFit Football boards pertaining to nutrition. How much should I eat? What should I eat? Does this supplement work? I am getting fat. Why? But with so much bullshit out there, things can get confusing. Even a few years back the questions seem never ending.…

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