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Battle The Bullshit: Gen Pop Onboarding

By Ben Skutnik / August 27, 2018 /

Is the first experience of the new members to your gym’s culture a box ticking coach blindly following some onboarding program to push a square peg through a round hole? We need to change that right now if it is. Where is the individuality? Where is the impact?! Where is the empowerment?! Nothing fires us…

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Battle The Bullshit: I’ll Rest When I’m Dead

By Carl Case / December 23, 2017 /

We get asked this age old question all the time: How much rest should we get between sets? If you’re in the camp that goes by what feels right, you’ve done nothing wrong. Perhaps you subscribe to 3-5 minutes that has been handed down by generations of lifters. Or, you simply get back after it when you…

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Battle The Bullshit: Skill and Speed Resistance Training

By Tex McQuilkin / December 2, 2015 /

We at Power Athlete have declared war on the bullshit in the strength and conditioning world. Lately, I’ve been seeing athletes and training sites showing off new resistance toys they’re convinced will increase speed and improve sport performance. Athletes, in your world, these tools will do more harm than good, as it will adversely affect sport…

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The How-To Guide for Bands and Chains

By Hunter Waldman / July 7, 2022 /

Anyone familiar with the Power Athlete Methodology has heard the crew say, “Train Fast, Be Fast”. This statement lays the foundation for one of Power Athlete’s Coaching Principles: Compensatory Acceleration (CAT). Originally popularized by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA)-co-founder Fred Hatfield (aka Dr. Squat), CAT is when a lifter accelerates a barbell at maximal…

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Ep 617 – Leaning Peak for Beach Week

By Tex McQuilkin / June 7, 2022 /

Discover how much protein you need to hit your beach bod goal. It’s finally swimsuit season and if you’re getting your summer nutrition tips from Instagram, it’s not too late to get your gut in check before beach week. There’s a lot of bullshit on the interwebs you have to navigate, especially when it comes…

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A Course Correction for Youth Athletes

By Alex Pinger Gibson / April 21, 2022 /

It’s no secret that Youth Sports are now more competitive than ever. This pressure to perform at a young age is pushing kids into Early Sport Specialization, where young athletes are encouraged to focus all their energy into one sport early in their athletic careers. This pressure to become a mini Michael Jordan or John…

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The Roadmap to Sports Performance

By RK Barker / February 1, 2022 /

Are you a person with a SmartPhone, who has used said SmartPhone to get directions and navigate yourself from one place to another? If you said no…consider me very impressed. Chances are you said yes, which means at some point in your life you have relied upon GPS technology, aka the “Global Positioning System”. GPS…

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Crush Your 2022 Resolutions

By Samantha Flaherty / January 3, 2022 /

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Happy 2022 ya’ll! Hopefully you are going into the New Year with a clear head and have some kick ass goals to accomplish over the next 12 months. Here at Power Athlete we are all about motivation and holding yourself to a high standard to reach…

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The Other Side Of Addiction

By Colby Wartman / November 8, 2021 /

Let’s Rewind One of the things that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, besides our affinity for Social Media and Fast and the Furious movies, is our awareness and ability to manipulate our environment for the better. However, as intelligent as we seem, we may never really know the good or bad…

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Fall Forward and Stick the Landing

By Andrew Kieffer / October 27, 2021 /

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with some of the terms that are thrown around the Power Athlete world. Be the Hammer, Move the Dirt, Eat the Weak. We know what these mean and the images they bring. But, what about Block One Coach? What does it mean? What does it…

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