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Bring Home the Brisket!

By Luke Summers / September 10, 2014 /

This is a long standing favorite at our house; it’s a real crowd pleaser if you’re having company or great for a busy day since it slowly cooks in the oven lending a mouth watering aroma of what’s to come as you go about your many tasks. The original credit and inspiration must go to…

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Duck Fat Fries

By Luke Summers / August 20, 2014 /

Back in the very early 2000’s my husband would actually workout with me even though he fought me every rep. This was way before CrossFit, CFFB and FS; I was still a bit of a meathead and did a 3 day a week split of pull, push and legs. Friday night was “steak and legs”.…

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Wing it!

By Luke Summers / August 13, 2014 /

Ever since I was a kid my favorite part of the chicken has been the wing. There’s just something fun and primal about picking the meat off the bone. Wings get a bad rap these days from a health standpoint and rightly so. But it’s not the wings themselves that are the culprits it’s the…

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7 Reasons the Paleo Diet Fails

By Tyler Minton / September 29, 2016 /

The Paleo Diet didn’t work! In fact, you’re just as soft if not softer than when you started and you have no energy. You were doing everything right. Traded all of the crap you used to eat for gluten free substitutes and were happy to find that a lot of the recipes you used to…

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South of Miami Ribs and Southern Slaw

By John / May 3, 2015 /

Welcome to your rest day, monkeys. You have more than earned it after the week you had.  To help you enjoy these days off, I will be periodically posting recipes and interesting information to spark your creativity in the kitchen and in life.  If you have something interesting you want to share, you know where…

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