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Peachy Legs

As the summer comes to a close that also signifies the end of peach season;  it saddens…

Author: Luke Summers

Duck Fat Fries

Back in the very early 2000’s my husband would actually workout with me even though he fought…

Author: Luke Summers

Wing it!

Ever since I was a kid my favorite part of the chicken has been the wing. There’s…

Author: Luke Summers

Red, White & Blueberry

So here’s the deal, if “beer is Paleo” then my homemade ice cream from raw cream is…

Author: Luke Summers

Power Athlete Radio – Episode 63 w/ Robb Wolf

Ladies and Gentlemen it must be a Full Moon because we have special guest Robb Wolf joining…

Author: Cali Hinzman

Let Me Entertain You

Time is something most of us just don’t have enough of but I still enjoy having friends…

Author: Luke Summers

Share a Rack

In the gym and at home or not. . . Rack of lamb is one of my…

Author: Luke Summers

2 Birds are Better than 1

Weave Sunday Supper into Leftover Magic. . . Many people shy away from cooking a whole chicken…

Author: Luke Summers