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About Bedrock

You need a foundation. Bedrock is a performance program for beginners without the bullshit. No nonsense, no gimmicks, no inspirational quotes. Just straight up advice from pros who were once beginners too.

Bedrock isn't just the foundation on which everything on this green earth is built. For you, it's the program that is going to equip you with the strength, power, speed and coordination required to get the most out of your training.

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It doesn't matter if you are a rec league MVP, a sprinter, baller, hurdler, wrestler, surfer, lifter, drifter or soldier. Or a chump stuck behind a desk wanting to change your life. If you're even thinking of making a commitment to the gym-life and are in pursuit of serious gains, you need to start somewhere. And you need to build a sound foundation to grow.

Bedrock, formally "The Basics", is a tried and true program that has been implemented with 1,000's of athletes ranging from the Arctic Circle to New Zealand. We will be using a tried and true progressive overload approach to improving your overall strength.

As you increase your strength, we need to teach you how to use that strength dynamically so you can transfer it to your activity outside of the gym. This is where other programs fail you. They get you strong in the gym, but it's not useful anywhere else.

Bedrock is the solid rock layer on which everything is built. This program is designed to be your starting point as someone who plans to use the weight room to outperform their opposition, or build the body of your dreams.

Don't fall into the trap of following a fitness mag program. Don't believe anyone who tells you that you need to train like the "pros." Believe this: How the greats are training NOW is NOT how they started.

The first thing you need to do is build your strong foundation. Your athletic base. Your Bedrock.


$27 / month

About the Training
Time Commitment: 40-60 minutes
Desired Training Response: Establish a Base Level of Strength, Athleticism
Author: John Welbourn
Required Membership: Must Subscribe through Train Heroic
Additional Features:
*Every day includes training narratives from John Welbourn to help guide you through training
*Every movement is linked to video movement demo

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Minimum Equipment List:
Squat Rack
Dumb Bells
Kettle bells
Slam Balls
Bumper Plates
Flat / Adjustable Bench or similar
Tow Sled / Prowler or similar
Jump Stretch Bands (thin to thick) / A plate loaded or kaiser cable machine
Air Bike / Rower / Stationary Bike / or similar

Recommended Equipment:
Assault-Bike, Concept 2 Rower, Air-dyne

Don't have a piece of equipment? Our forums contain a movement substitution and DIY equipment guides for this program!

Give it a try, you can find a sample week here!


$27 / month

Common Questions

I don't think I'm a beginner, will this work for me?

Yes. Because if you don't KNOW that you're not a beginner, then we would recommend starting here.

I'm not an "athlete" should I do this program?

Yes. This program is designed to establish a base level of strength which is an essential process for the field sport athlete. This is also a VERY beneficial thing for the "average Joe/Jane".

I don't have a place to do sprints, what's a good sub for sprints?

There is ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTITUTE for sprinting. In order to get our athletes faster, we must allow them to run as fast as they can. With that said, if you're the "average Joe/Jane" and are sprinting is not required of your training goals, then sub with any stationary fixed movement cardio device (bike, rower, versaclimber, etc.).

Is there a contract?

Your subscription is month to month, and you can cancel or upgrade at any time.

Where can I find answer to questions you haven't listed here?

Head to the contact page, and submit your question.


$27 / month

One of the biggest challenges facing high school coaches is maintaining athlete engagement and tracking results. Our business partner, TrainHeroic, helps you meet your athletes in their terms: anytime, anywhere, digitally and socially.

Bedrock is delivered to you and your athletes over the TrainHeroic platform, enabling you to effectively distribute your workouts to your athletes' smartphones. This game-changing platform makes it easy for them to log their results and allows them to see how they stack up against their teammates on a leaderboard.

Best of all, it gives you insights to your athletes' attendance, participation and progress.

As our trusted partner, a professional from TrainHeroic will contact you to see if the full-featured solution makes sense for you and your athletes.


Free 3 Week Trial for Sport Coaches!

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