IT’S OUR MISSION TO FOSTER AND DEVELOP ATHLETICISM WHILE BUILDING STRONGER ATHLETES. Our training & nutrition programs are designed by John Welbourn, who knows everything there is to know about strength & conditioning from ten years in the NFL.

But you don’t need to be a pro athlete to walk the Power Athlete path. Whether you’re a soldier, first responder, newbie lifter, gym rat, weekend warrior or jiu-jitsu world champ… you just have to be willing to work. And it won’t take ten years.

In just ninety days, you’ll become badass of body and mind. Cancel your crappy gym membership too. Train via our app, anywhere, anytime with support from world class coaches.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the nail. Be the hammer. Whatever your goals are - more muscles, better fitness, mental resilience - hit them with us. And hit ‘em hard.

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When John hung up his NFL helmet, he started training pro athletes, Olympians and Navy SEALs. It wasn’t long before word got out and suddenly everyone (including CrossFit) wanted in on his methodology. So he founded Power Athlete in 2009 to deliver performance programming for the people, empowering every level of athlete to unlock their athletic potential.

Power Athlete is not in the business of slinging superficial gains. We bring a razor sharp focus on fostering and developing athleticism while building strength, which is why organizations like the US Army and individuals like BJJ world champ Victor Hugo have picked Power Athlete as their training partner.

There are 10,000+ athletes around the world who live, workout and play with impact. And we’re not stopping there.


“After suffering an injury in combat, the training returned me to active duty, and kept me ready for action.”

Andy Stumpf

Retired Navy Seal


“I always showed up to training camp faster, stronger, and more explosive than I was the year before.”

Austin Johnson

7 Year NFL Veteran


“Power Athlete has unlocked my athleticism, empowering me to perform at the highest level representing my country.”

James Simpson MBE

Wheelchair Rugby League


“Power Athlete is so cool. They always find new ways to evolve the training and new ways to make people better.”

Chyna Cho

CrossFit Games Athlete


“I've followed for almost a decade & it keeps getting better. Smash your goals without breaking your body or bank account.”

Johnny Rockstarr

USATF Master


“The training from Power Athlete allowed me to go from desk jockey to firefighter at 40 years of age.”


Erik Flybäck



Our fam runs deep with over 140 certified coaches worldwide. Empower your performance as a coach / trainer and join the family.