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Lean & Able

Become lean and strong with Lean and Able

About Lean & Able

Lean & Able is a training program designed to reduce body fat by ramping-up your metabolism and getting you stronger.

Designed by 10 year NFL veteran John Welbourn & his team, Lean & Able is for those who are sick of being sold the same BS images of vanity and tired of following the quick fixes that will never stick. This training program is for the person who is ready to work hard to earn the right to feel amazing, look great, and achieve things they never thought possible…

It is for those who are ready to become Lean & Able.

Combining this training program with the Power Athlete Leaning Protocol and 8+ hours of sleep each day will give you the results that dreams are made of.

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The fastest, safest, and healthiest way to reduce your body fat percentage is to increase strength through exercise and training. That will increase the caloric demand and ramp up your metabolism, which will burn off fat at a much faster rate.

If we only have a short time to jump-start your training and get you on the path to the physique you want we need to be strategic in our training, nutrition and recovery.

Maybe you have heard the old saying “Abs are crafted in the kitchen”. While it is a cute saying, it is only a 1/3 of the equation. To get the body where you can see the muscles in your midsection takes a solid plan of attack. Lean & Able will give you the tools you need to start looking the way you have always wanted by implementing a training program that alternates between blocks of Strength, Power and Dynamic training while developing Glycolytic and Aerobic Capacity.

Pair this up with a diet and recovery protocol designed to maximize your results and you have a program to help you get lean and able.


$27 / month



$27 / month


About the Training
Time Commitment: 20-45 minutes
Training Goal: Burn Body Fat & Increase Strength
Author: John Welbourn
Required Membership: Must Subscribe through Train Heroic, the most reliable and trusted training app

Lean & Able is delivered to every one of our athletes by TrainHeroic, a best in class app that publishes training and demo videos, with workout tracking at your fingertips.Through TrainHeroic, you can compare your progress and best lifts to others following Jacked Street.

You will also have direct access Power Athlete Coaches and other athletes in the community through the training feed.


Other Benefits:
*Every day includes training narratives from 10 year NFL Veteran John Welbourn to help guide you through training
*Every movement is linked to video movement demo
*Download TrainHeroic's iOS / Android app for the BEST user experience! Search "TrainHeroic" in the App Store / Google Play store

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Minimum Equipment List:
A membership to a big box globo gym like Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, or similar is recommended
A jump rope
A stopwatch


For those with a home gym:

Dumbbells / Kettlebells
Pull up station
Space to move
Pull up bands
Squat Rack
Slamballs / Sandbags
Rower, air bike, stationary bike, ski erg, or similar


$27 / month

Common Questions

I've been following your programming for months, is this something I should try?

If you are consistently short on time this program may be a great option. However, it is geared towards the individual who is new to a dedicated strength program.

I have an adventure race, PT Test, Half Marathon, is this the program to help me perform in my event?

No. The program is designed to do one thing... Add lean muscle mass.

Does it take 40 minutes, or 70 minutes? What's up?

There are all sorts of variables that could affect how long your training sessions are. If you have a training partner, for example, the training may take longer if you have to share equipment. If you're training out of a "globo gym" you may have to wait for a piece of equipment. If you're a stronger athlete, it's going to take you longer to work up to a 500lbs squat vs. a weaker athlete who has to warm up to a 200lbs squat. The training shouldn't take longer than 70 minutes.

Is there a contract?

Your subscription is month to month, and you can change it at any time.

Where can I find answer to questions you haven't listed here?

Head to the contact page, and submit your question.


$27 / month