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Nutrition Programs

The Nutrition Programs we offer are tried and true. John and the crew have put EVERY single one of these programs to the test, and have seen results. We know that there is no one size fits all approach. This is why we've developed these flexible auto templates.

We've created an extremely robust Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to deliver the most flexible in Nutrition Templates. The spreadsheets are programmed to take into account a variety of attributes to determine your daily caloric load as well as:

  • Training Intensity Caloric Modifiers
  • Multi-phase Caloric Modifiers
  • Lifestyle, Gender & Body Composition Caloric Modifiers

We've also provided you the flexibility to modify the number of daily meals and training times when planning your week. On top of that, each of our Nutrition Programs take a multi-phase approach to your nutritional goals.

NOTE: You do not need to be a PowerAthleteHQ.com member to download any of our programs. All you need to do is register, which is quick, painless, and free.

Price: $49.99 each, or $99.99 with a 45 minute introductory consult
*Must schedule your consult within 2 weeks of purchase

What You Get:

  • The Nutrition Program (optimized for use with Microsoft Excel for Mac / PC)
  • John's narrative on how to get started
  • The expanded "Just Tell Me What to Eat" associated with your program
  • Common Questions and Answers
  • A video walk through of how to use the spreadsheet
  • Private access to Power Athlete's Nutrition Facebook Group and Forums that are moderated by John and his team

Take a peak under the hood of our Nutrition Programs:

It's a no brainer at this point. You know who you are, and what you need. So select your program below.