| EP 377 – Feet, Fascia, & Dr Emily Splichal

Author / Cali Hinzman

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Fascia for Power

To know the foot is to know movement. This week Dr Emily Splichal [@dremilydpm] explains the importance of the foot and how it directly affects biomechanics. But beyond the obvious linkage between foot strike and performance, Dr Emily educates The Crew on the evolution of the bipedal human from primate. She also explains how influential fascia is both in terms of kinetics and neuromuscular coordination. If you think training the foot is as simple as arch work and stability exercises, think again.

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Bet you never thought you’d see the words “foot skin” in a Power Athlete post. We continue surprise you and our listeners not only with our edgy promos but also with our progressive minded guests. Enter Dr Emily Splichal [@DrEmilyDPM]. As a podiatrist, she is doing incredible things to improve human movement. She’s somewhat of a pioneer in the field as her interests lie in the relationship between the fascia found in the foot and our associated neurological response. If you you’ve had nagging hip, knee, or foot issues, this episode could explain how the rigidity of your foot on impact (or lack thereof) is contributing to your injury. Maybe the best part…Dr Emily agrees to assess The Crew’s feet in real time. Toe-tally worth a listen.

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Empower Your Performance

You can find Dr Emily on instagram under the handle @DrEmilyDPM or visit her website EBFAGlobal.com.

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Cali Hinzman

A strength and conditioning coach since 2009, Cali has worked with numerous athletes spanning from rugby players to cross country skiers. Almost immediately after finding CrossFit in 2010, she was introduced to a program that better suited her athletic goals. With her existing background in powerlifting and football, she became a natural devotee to CFFB/PowerAthlete and testament to it's effectiveness. In 2012, she left D.C. and headed for the state named after her to be a part of the CrossFit Football Seminar Staff and a Jedi of Power Athlete HQ. Cali currently resides in Seattle where she works full time in law enforcement.

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