| EP 443 – Jon Cybulski & Climate Change

Author / Cali Hinzman

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Climate Changer

If you listen to this week’s episode you’ll never want to microwave any food in plastic ever again. But that’s not exactly the point. Jon Cybulski [@jon_sci_bulski] joins us to talk about a subject near and dear to his heart…and brain. As a historical ecologist he’s an expert on studying all of our past mistakes which have led to our current climate predicament. Jon studies coral in particular, as it is a sensitive animal that can tell us about climate trends and human impact on our environment. But Jon’s brain isn’t merely a …sponge… for all things coral, he’s also going to talk about fossil fuels, overfishing, and lifting weights. Your classic PA Radio trio of conversation

It may seem like a simple statement…and it’s intended to be. With a problem as seemingly insurmountable as climate change, people often feel helpless. This week’s guest, historical ecologist Job Cybulski [@jon_sci_bulski] , is encouraging you to do something. Even small, selfish choices, make a difference. Choosing food that is better for you and grown closer to you is an excellent start. As he explains, doing things that are good for your body often coincide with a favorable outcome for the planet. In this week’s episode we talk about saving the planet and also, it’s ultimate destruction…as seen in many very bad movies.

Empower Your Performance

Take a closer look at Jon’s work by heading to his website JonathanCybulski.com or by checking out his Instagram @jon_sci_bulski

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