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Luke and Cali rant on about how scoring is going to look for the upcoming Power Athlete Team Series.  Each team’s overall score will be their CrossFit Football Total score + their MetCon Score.

  • The normalizing coefficient for the CrossFit Football Total event will be the Wilks Coefficient.  Each athlete will be awarded a ‘Wilks score’ based off of their respective 1RM, body weight, and gender.  The team’s score will be the total of each team members’ score.
  • The MetCon events will be some sort of AMRAP.  Each athlete will get a score by completing their respective MetCon.  The team’s score will be the total number of completed reps across their whole team.

The three teams with the most overall points after the first two events will move on to the final team competition where everything will be on the line.

As you assemble your team, be sure you understand how the Wilks Coefficient affects your teams overall score.  Do some research, use a Wilks Calculator, and work together as a team and figure out where you should place each athlete to achieve the highest possible score.

Good luck!  Post questions to comments.

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