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Attacking Limiting Factors: The 2015 CrossFit Games

By Tex McQuilkin / July 29, 2015 /

Attacking Limiting Factors: Shoulder Girdle, the ability to vertical pull needs to be developed from proximal to distal and isometric to eccentric. Once competency in isometric and eccentric action at…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Trunk Rotation

By Tex McQuilkin / October 29, 2014 /

…training. Similar to all of the movements provided in the Attacking Limiting Factors: Hips and Arch Development, these movements are not always easy and will take a level of patience…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Hip Adductors

By Tex McQuilkin / April 27, 2015 /

In Attacking Limiting Factors: Hips, we introduced some simple exercises to attack your abductors and adductors on the 4 Way Physio Board. Great feedback has poured in over effectiveness of…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Arch Development

By Tex McQuilkin / July 21, 2014 /

…the movements provided in the first ‘Attacking Limiting Factors‘ segment, these are not easy and will take a level of patience during practice. These exercises were what I used in…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Footwork

By Tex McQuilkin / November 16, 2014 /

…Weightlifting, puts a specific expectation on foot movement and placement. Although each discipline requires different footwork skills, attacking the footwork limiting factor in training can be approached similarly across the…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: The 2016 CrossFit Games

By Tex McQuilkin / July 26, 2016 /

…critical analyzer of movement and energy systems made limiting factors abound appear across the men, women, and teams competing. If you did not watch the events, check out the Individual…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Hips

By Tex McQuilkin / July 14, 2014 /

…:30 in a full ROM, begin to work into timed sets of reps. Ignoring limiting factors leads to imbalances, and imbalances lead to injuries. What is your limiting factor? [/s2If]…

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Attacking Limiting Factors: Squat Initiation

By Tex McQuilkin / August 13, 2015 /

…training days containing squats.  If squat initiation is your limiting factor, perform these every day, programmed by @John or not. Corrective exercises Dead Bug Home Position: The Dead Bug is the Swiss…

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ACL Injury Prevention: Injury Mechanisms

By Tex McQuilkin / January 21, 2015 /

…have greater risk of future knee, ligament, and ACL injury (3). Factors contributing to trunk dominance include growth and maturation factors, frontal and transverse plane neglect in training, and limited…

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Coach Like a Pro, Not Like a “System Guy”

By Don Ricci, CSCS / April 2, 2019 /

factors. LIMIT THE LIMITING FACTORS Determining an athlete’s “performance limiting factors” is where we figure out where the imbalances exist. This is an ongoing and continuous process, and is where…

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