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Ep 718 – Unleashing Human Potential w/ David Weck

Uncover the secrets to unlocking your body’s full potential. David Weck, the mastermind behind the game-changing BOSU…

Author: John

Ep 715 – Optimizing Movement Through Innovation w/ David Weck

Weck’s mission? To advance performance through the innovation. Meet David Weck, biomechanics wizard and inventor specializing in…

Author: John

Ep 690 – Neck, Nerve & Shoulder Pain Explained

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Don’t let shoulder pain steal your quality of life. Whatever the…

Author: John

Three (more) M’s for the Aging Power Athlete

If you have not read the first blog where we covered the first 3 M’s, take a…

Author: Hunter Waldman

Ep 595 – Hip Pain, Movement Problem or Lifestyle Issue? w/ Dr Matt Zanis

“Training for strength AND flexibility is a must” – Bruce Lee Work and communte jamming up our…

Author: John

Ep 587 – How to Fortify Mobility & Stability w/ Dr Matt Zanis

“…the brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind…

Author: John

Ep 585 – Back Pain, Why You’re Hurt and How to Heal w/ Dr Matt Zanis

“It’s more about teaching your body how to find center in every movement pattern, plane of motion,…

Author: John

Deep Diving Into Recovery and Mobility Tools With Cooper Mitchell From Garage Gym Reviews

If you’re training–not just getting sweaty three to five times a week, but actually training–you need to…

Author: Tim Cummings

Ep 527 – Recovery and Readiness with Kelly Starrett

Level 99 Supple Leopard This week we welcome the Supple Leopard himself, that’s right, Kelly Starrett joins…

Author: John