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Ep 759 – The Evolution of Strength Coaching

Discover the roots of strength coaching and how it’s changed over the decades. Are you ready to…

Author: John

An Athlete’s Bedrock Journey

When a brand new athlete approaches you and asks you to be there strength coach, or tells…

Author: Matt Sullivan

Ep 754 – Maximizing Your Athletic Potential

Discover the playbook to athletic mastery as John and Arash tackle your burning questions. We’re diving deep…

Author: Raven Winters

Firefighters Are Not Bodybuilders Pt 2

In our first article, we discussed how time is of the essence for firefighters, and that their…

Author: Matt Spaid

Ep 728 – Dominating the Field

Lipson reveals how baseball players’ bodies have evolved over the years. I sit down with former pro…

Author: John

Ep 711 – Physiology of Power Development

Discover what it takes to build real strength. Dr Tim Suchomel joins the Crew to discuss his…

Author: John

Ep 705 – How to Train a Dragon (Slayer)

Legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it’s the dragons. The…

Author: John

Ep 685 – Best Squat Stance, Gear, & Hip Socket Excuses

Aim Higher, Squat Lower. Standards. We all have them; whether you’re determining clean clothes from dirty, a…

Author: John

Ep 684 – Jacked By Science w/ Dr Tom Incledon

Let the Gains Begin! The phenomenal Dr Tom Incledon returns to talk muscle building research. John and…

Author: John

Ep 656 – Building Body, Soul & Stone

Commit to Order, Certainty, Beauty, Wonder & Awe When your hands are your livelihood and the job…

Author: John