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Power Athlete Shoutout: Tim Biscoe

We here at Power Athlete get countless emails every year filled with client testimonials about how our…

Author: Adam Campbell

2021 Power Athlete Radio Wrapped!

The premiere podcast in strength and conditioning-ing-ing continued to climb the podcast charts in 2021 through the…

Author: John

Austere Training – Strength is Where You Find It

The term “Austere” is defined as a “severe or strict in manner or attitude. Living conditions, or…

Author: John

5 Reasons Vans Should Be Your Training Shoe

The foot is arguably the most important system in sport and in training. It’s literally where the…

Author: John

Overlooked Upshots of Playing NCAA DIII Athletics

On any given Power Athlete Radio podcast, you’ll hear the phrase “Division III All-star” thrown around. Initially…

Author: John

The Crew’s Essential Lockdown Listening 

It’s a bittersweet time here at Power Athlete. While it appears that lockdowns all over the world…

Author: John

No Barbell? No Problem! How To Lift Weights from Home

Hi guys, I have been a fan of Johnnie WOD for along time now…but with gyms closing…

Author: John

Training Foot Health: Shoes are the Devil!

Major shoe companies have done an effective job marketing the message that all shoes are designed to…

Author: Matthew Zanis