| | EP 338 – New Treatment for PTSD with Tara Miller

Author / Cali Hinzman

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The Old Methods Aren’t Effective

This week Tara Miller takes The Crew through a brief history of psychiatry and discusses the antiquated techniques that are still in practice today. As Tara explains, although it may feel good to talk about traumatic experiences in the moment, it does nothing to improve the effects of PTSD. More effective treatment comes from studying the nervous system while reliving the moment, and finding ways to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to begin the healing process. Tara believes it’s time we start paying attention what our bodies are telling us, rather than rely on what our psyche finds cathartic.

Easily one of the most quotable guests, Tara Miller is here to remind us just how self obsessed we are. Her criticisms of our current culture ring true in every way. As someone who studies how the nervous system responds to stress and trauma, she believes that most people are wasting their fight or flight survival instincts on things like social media. As she states “We’ve lost the ability to differentiate between a  threat and a simple difference of opinion”. Not only that, we’ve become so in need of attention that are obsessed with our own negative feelings and sharing those feelings with others. She believes we have turned a scary corner where we are mistaking sympathy for community and nurturing. Preach, Tara! Listen NOW!

Empower Your Performance

Keep close tabs on Tara Miller and learn more about her treatments for PTSD by following her on instagram @TaraShrink or by visiting her website, Taradawnmiller.com.


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