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When Dr Cara Miller is around, all you want to do is make her proud. This week she graces The Crew to discuss a few thoughts on effective leadership. This. Is. Her. Jam. People. Not only does she talk about the shortcomings of those popular “five step” books frequently found in the airport, she also provides our resident dysfunctional couple, Luke and Tex, some pointers on how to strengthen their relationship. Before you go seeking feedback from those closest to you, “break your own shit”, meaning put forth a ton of work on your end, seeking to find your faults. After that point you’ll have proven to yourself and your relationships that you are wholly invested in the feedback and eventual growth. BOOM! Just one nugget from…well, a huge pile of nuggets.

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Never has a podcast used the term “bequeathed” more times in one episode. If that doesn’t garner a five star review, I don’t know what does. Dr Cara Miller, aka The Developmental Coach, wants you to “break your shit”. What exactly does that mean? It means disrupt your way of doing business, be it in your personal or professional relationships. And if you’re a leader…this should be an ongoing part of your development. Understand that having the perfect vision board doesn’t typically prepare you for the inevitable barriers and obstacles that will knock you on your ass. Emphasis should be placed on developing a system with your circle that anticipates obstacles and practices resilience. This, the concept of “the feedback economy”, and balancing vulnerability and strength. Listen NOW and grow. Don’t and get left behind.

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If this is your first time hearing Dr Miller, you’ve just become a fan…a cult member, in fact. She is the best and you can find her on instagram @DevelopmentalCoach. Keep your eyes peeled for her new book which is sure the break your shit, and blow minds at airports everywhere.

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