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Lead Your Community – Republish from December 2020.

“It’s not how she died that made her a hero but how she lived,” Seattle police Sgt. Randy Huserik speaking about our friend, Lexi Harris (1983 – 2021).

Rest in peace Lexi Harris. We mourn the loss of a special member of the Power Athlete family. Lexi was a five-year veteran of the Seattle Police force and partner to our very own, Cali Hinzman. We are saddened to report she was killed whilst off-duty, assisting in the aftermath of a three car collision.

Lexi was a kind, caring and extremely charismatic person and we consider ourselves lucky to have broken bread and called her a friend and ally.

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “You may leave this life at any moment: have this possibility in your mind in all that you do or say or think.”

She lived by her actions and was considered the best of what we strive for in our lives. Lexi will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Support Lexi’s Mission

Donate to now to help Lexi’s mission to build leaders in Law Enforcement, plan and develop leadership workshops for police departments.

Donate to the Lexi Harris Benevolent Account

How imperative is good leadership? Our friend, Lexi Harris, believes that police organizations are only as effective at connecting with their community as the leaders within. That’s why she feels it’s important for officers to recognize that they are leaders despite the fact that they may not hold a high rank. Police officers are the first responders making initial contact with citizens and therefore have the power to make a lasting impact on the community. Bringing better leadership skills to these frontline folks is exactly what Ofc Harris is hoping to accomplish with her hustle, iURA [[@iura_llc] and podcast, The Leaderist. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, we can all get behind a better training for high standard occupations like law enforcement.

Empower Your Performance

If you want to learn more about Lexi Harris, her leadership philosophy, and Cali Hinzman’s podcast The Leaderist, follow @iURA_llc on instagram.

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