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Pre-Workout: The Truth Behind The Hype

One of the most hotly contested topics in the training space is the efficacy of pre-workout supplements….

Author: Ben Skutnik

Integrating the Pelvic Floor Into Performance

The pelvis is literally and figuratively at the core of our being, making it the foundation of…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Training For Sport Is Training For War

The new physical training test will require a complete change in the way Soldiers execute their daily Physical Training activities. Instead of practicing their push ups and sit-ups and holding the current standard on the run, Soldiers will be required to train to be stronger, faster, and better movers.

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 199: Jay Dawes

  Training for the truly unknown This week we welcome back Jay Dawes, PhD [@dawesjay]. Jay keeps…

Author: Cali Hinzman

Power Coach: Concentration

With the NFL playoffs fast approaching, I notice a consistency among top performers. I don’t mean the…

Power Coach: Self-Esteem

You are NOT some corner cutting, “rah rah”, pom pom holding hype-man. You are a POWER COACH. A…

2015 CrossFit Regionals Coaches Prep

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Super Regionals kick off in less than a week and continue each…

Building the ‘Moment’ Into Training

“You just can’t blow opportunities like this. You’ve just got to take advantage of the great things…